Running Shoes Versus Cross-Trainers

All sports footwear might look the same but in fact, each pair is designed to serve a certain purpose and to provide a certain support and stability for many activities. Running shoes and cross-trainers are often mistaken because few people know the differences between the two types of shoes. If you want to protect your feet and make sure your running and training sessions are performed properly, you need to know which shoe to pick. For the best pairs of sports shoes, check the ratings to see what each pair is designed for and to find the one you need whether you want to run or train.

General details

With running shoes, it’s simple: they are designed for running, whether it is on pavement or on a treadmill. Cross-trainers, on the other side, can be used for many other activities like playing sports, practicing Zumba, or going to the gym to use the bike or to lift weights. This makes them more versatile so you can buy one pair of shoes and use it for multiple workouts. However, try not to go miles wearing them because your feet will start to ache due to the increased pressure and you will feel tired.
So, the question that arouses is whether or not you can use cross-trainers for running or you can go to the gym in your running shoes. To find the answer, you must know what each of them provides to your feet. Cross-training shoes are great for cushioning and supporting your feet while runners protect your joints and bones from impact. The later are not recommended for other types of workout because they don’t offer the cushioning your feet need during multiple movements. When you run, the only movement is from the ankle and the entire pressure is on your toes while jumping, dancing, or using gym equipment address to the entire foot.

How comfortable they feel

As for comfort, running shoes feel lighter so that you will be able to run and achieve high speeds without experience fatigue no matter for how long you run. Cross-trainers are more rigid and provide more support in lateral movements and they don’t feel as comfy for running.

How they look

Their design also differs so you can easily spot a running shoe when you look for one. Their sole is narrower and they boast a smooth design that makes them very soft and easy top wear. The other type of shoes is wider, with a bulkier sole that provides extended support during many activities. They are made of a non-slip rubber that provides traction because you will need that when you jump and dance.

Which one fit your feet

Know that you know which shoe you should use, it will be easier for you to pick the right pair. No matter the one you go for, try them on and make sure you feel comfortable and that your feet are supported in a natural position. Never buy a pair that is too tight thinking that this means they are supportive and try to avoid running in cross-trainers.

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