ShowBox – should you give it a try?


It does not matter where you live, you are dependent on your phone day and night. People use their smartphones for various entertainment purposes, and there are not few the cases of app addiction. You have access to various methods when it comes to watching your favorite media content, but you know that the easiest one is using your phone. However, alongside with using their phone, people also prefer using streaming apps. How many times haven’t you asked yourself if there is an app for a certain media content you wanted to see or listen? Well, nowadays there is an app for almost everything you want. So it is the time to take advantage of the streaming apps available on the market. There are times when you, as an Internet user, may see something and think that it would be great to broadcast it live. But you may not have the means for doing so. Well, there is an app for this, and you only have to check online the reviews for it. Showbox is one of the most used methods when it comes to apps that allow you watch media content.

What is Showbox?

If you want an app that offers you free access to TV shows and movies, and which can be used on Android devices, then Showbox is the right one for you. It works amazing on Kindle Fire and BlackBerry devices, but also on PCs. It can be installed on any smartphone or tablet powered by Android. Showbox has the potential to meet all your entertainment needs and its streaming capabilities offer you the opportunity to enjoy the TV shows and movies you like. What is amazing when it comes to this app is that you do not need a subscription, if you want to use it. You can use the services free and as soon as you install it, you can access all its functionalities. The other services available online ask your to obtain a subscription, but if you choose to use this one, you only have to find a reliable source from where to download it, and that it’s all.

Showbox is the perfect solution in multiple instances. You can use it to watch your favorite TV shows and movies even if you do not have television online. Even if you do not have a paid subscription, you can still use the media streaming service. Also, this app is great if you want to stream media content via your phone.

Is Showbox safe to use?

The majority of people hesitate to install an app that is not available on the Google Play store. But, if you need this type of app, then you should choose one that has positive reviews. When using Showbox people state that they had a positive experience and they recommend other people to download it. These reviews can give you the assurance that this one is a safe app to install and use.

What features does Showbox has?

This movie and video watcher app became quite famous during the last years. Showbox acts like a huge storage for your media content and its database is regularly updated. You can explore a great number of new and old productions. You will have no difficulties in finding the content you need, because it features a powerful search box. You can decide if you want to watch the most popular TV series online or if you want to download it, to watch it later. The greatest benefit of using this app is that you have the possibility to watch the media content without being disturbed by advertisements. While you watch a video for example, the app will track and resume the media content from where it stopped. Showbox has some amazing features:

  • Easy to follow and convenient instructions
  • Support for HD quality movies and videos on the devices that support HD format media content
  • Intuitive and user friendly interface that makes possible to watch your favorite shows and movies, without any issues
  • You can watch the series online or you can download the link
  • This app gathers movies only from trusted sites and this feature reduces the effort for you and it guarantees your safety
  • It is a fully approved app, so it does not carry viruses and threats
  • You have the possibility to personalize the library, and explore your options when it comes to likes, updates, shows and movies
  • You have the “My Library” option, which offers you the possibility to preserve your wish list and to bookmark the media content you like

If you want to enhance you experience with this app, then you should consider the option of installing this app on your PC. If you watch your favorite media content on a large screen, you will have a unique and pleasing experience. If you want to watch high definition movies then you only have to download this app and install it on your Android device. You will never complain about this app.

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