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Simple ways to secure your house


The authorities report that in Sydney, a house burglary occurs every 16 seconds, and in the majority of cases, the houses are empty. So the main question is who are these burglars? Well, people should know that there are two types: skilled pros who make a plan and watch your house and your habits before targeting it, and amateur crooks who kick doors around your neighbourhood until they find one that gives way. So what options you have to improve the security of your house? If you take the right measures, then you will discourage beat opportunists and expert thieves. Also, you should know that thieves are not your only problems if you want to safeguard house, because you have to make sure that your family and friends will not get hurt by hazardous areas around your house. In this article, you will find some suggestions on how to make your house safer.

Ask a locksmith to check your windows and doors

The best way to secure your house is the most obvious one. A great way to keep burglars out of your house is to ask a locksmith in Sydney check the windows and doors, and see if they lock properly. The quality of the lock depends on the type of wood used for building the frame and the door. You should get in touch with the joiner and the builder and ask them to secure the frame of the external doors to the brick wood. The locksmith can install some extra locks. Specialists recommend thinking like a criminal if you want to make the attempt to enter your house uncomfortable and dangerous for burglars. You should walk inside and out of your home, and around the property, because in this way you will notice if there are signs of weakness. You can ask the locksmith join you, because they have experience and they will easily notice if there are points that burglars can gain easily entry.

  • Check the locks – Locksmiths recommend people to have at least a deadbolt lock on the exterior doors. When living in Sydney you spend the majority of your free time on the beach or exploring the surroundings, so you should also make sure that the doors features a one-inch throw. For better security, you can opt for a double cylinder lock. It is advisable to invest in solid wood doors or metal doors, Make sure you do not save money on the framework, because the frame is the one that holds the door.
  • If you have a patio door then you can ask the locksmith to secure it with a fitting purpose lock and a security bar.
  • If your house features French windows, then you should opt for a model that secures one door into another. You should talk with the locksmith to fit mortise bolts to the bottom and top of each of the windows of the house. Make sure that the bolts are fitted into the frame.
  • It is advisable to install double glazing doors, because they are a great way to stop burglars to open the windows. In addition, it is advisable to have a key to lock the windows.

Install an alarm system

You will make the burglars stay away, if they see that you have a professional alarm system. Make sure you post a sign that states that you have an alarm system. It is no wonder that a house that does not have a security system installed is four times more likely to be broken than one that has a professional alarm system. The average cost of a burglar alarm is affordable, and on the market, you can find multiple options. You can talk with the alarm system provider and ask them to offer you one that features a separate key pad and control panel.

Get a guard dog

A guard dog can add a higher level of protection to your property. In case you do not have one, and you plan to adopt a pooch, then you should consider choosing one that is great in keeping your family safe. You should know that not all dogs are equal in guarding your house. Also, you should know that guard dogs are not pets, they are animals that protect both the house and the people. The best breeds for house security are Rottweilers, German shepherds and Doberman pinschers. They are friendly with families and they respond well to discipline, so you will have no issues with them, even if they are around children. However, if you want to have a security-trained dog around the house, then you should take him from a reputable trainer. In case you want to install a security system and have a dog, then you have to be sure that you get a pet immune motion detector, because you want it to announce the intruders not your furry friend, walking around.



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