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Small business ideas that will have success in 2019

Nowadays we are all looking for a business idea that will help us make money. If you are a business beginner then you are probably looking for a business you can start with a small budget. In today’s article we will share some ideas you can inspire from, they all will prove profitable if you will adopt the right strategy.

Coffee shop in a cool looking space

Do you drink coffee daily? Or maybe you prefer tea? In either case, a well run, trendy coffee shop can be a great business idea, if that is something you are into.  Have you ever considered starting a café, coffee or tea shop, as a business? You will only have to learn how to make different types of coffee and tea and promote your business to possible clients.

The key to attract clients is to start the café in a cool looking place. People nowadays prefer the places where they get free Wi-Fi, where the space looks amazing to get the perfect photo for their Insta-story, and where the pricing is affordable. No one says that you have to offer the cheapest coffee in town, you should set affordable prices and focus on the quality of the products you serve. They will bring you clients.

Plant-based food


Do all your friends consider you the chef of the group? If you have cooking skills you can start your own catering company, and for guaranteed success you should choose a niche, the vegan one is a hot trend of the moment. In 2019, everyone is becoming a vegan, so if you are able to provide plant based dishes and create diets including these foods then you should no longer search for a business idea.

The plant-based protein is a growing industry because the market is experiencing a shift from meat based foods to eco-friendly ones. There are plenty of opportunities for a person who is skilled in the kitchen and who can create a diet based on vegan dishes.

Customise furniture store

Nowadays people no longer afford to buy large houses and when they furnish their home, they are looking for furniture items that help them save space. The same goes for offices, the space is limited and we have to learn to work with what we have. If you can design and manufacture furniture items according to your clients’ needs, then you can start your own furniture business.

For being successful in the interior design industry you have to be a creative person, your clients will tell you what they need, you will have to check their house, to identify the design style, and to create furniture that enhances the aesthetics of the space. Make sure you create only high-quality products to satisfy your clients and to retain them as loyal customers. And if you want them to further recommend you offer 6 month free customer service.

Body recovering classes for young moms

More and more women are looking for ways to recover their physical and mental state after they are giving birth. Due to pregnancy, many women experience skin problems, extra weight, mental health issues and other similar problems. If you can address one of them, you should transform your skill into a business.

An experienced and skilled person would have no problem in attracting clients, there is a request on the market you only have to deliver the services. Make sure you get a diploma in the field, young mommies want to know they are working with an expert.


Expert photographs are in high demand now for special occasions and corporate events. You do not need a photo studio, you can grow your business out of your office, but you will need the right tools for this. You can start a career as a freelance photographer, and the entire business comes with relatively low costs. As you continue to grow your business and gain experience, steady sales and profits, you may consider an expansion by investing into new equipment or even marketing. If you need money for the investment, you can check what options you have for small business loans.

If you want to take your side job to the next level, and you need some extra money to invest in tools, equipment and other materials you should apply online for a loan and start a professional photography business.

Jewellery designer

Have you heard of Etsy? If not, it’s the moment to check the platform and see what products people sell with through it. If you have good skills in jewellery creation then Etsy is only one of the opportunities you have to sell them, and to start a small business. It all depends on the type of accessories you are making if you have talent in creating unique pieces you can sell them on platforms similar to this.

If you want to open a wholesale business then it is advisable to start your own online store. You can promote your products on social media and engage your audience through your posts and pictures. This business idea is one of the most profitable ideas for beginners in 2019, so you should not ignore it.

Customise products for weddings

If you have tons of pins saved on your Pinterest board and they are all related to wedding accessories then you have all the inspiration you need to start creating products for this special event. Brides want a cryogenics bouquet, a painted mirror, customised shoes, customised favours, personalised wedding rings and many other special and unique items.

 Let’s take for example the wedding favours idea, you can make them from scratch, no matter if it implies ordering succulents en masse and planting them in painted pots or baking cookies to offer them in paper bags. If you have painting skills, you can create small painted canvases and sell them to the couples who want to offer their wedding guests something special. Your business will imply working with people and offering them solutions that help them have a perfect day.


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