Smart ways to motivate your child to become more physically active


A recent study has shown that one in five children are overweight or obese. Physical activity is the key to a healthy development and both healthcare providers and parents should promote a healthy lifestyle and a physically active lifestyle. Regardless, many fail to teach their children the importance of physical activity. From walking, to swimming and exercising, parents should inoculate these activities and introduce those in the daily lifestyle of their children. Below are presented a series of ways in which parents could motivate their children into becoming more physically active.

Get your children’s doctor involved

Your GP can have a talk with your child and explain to them the importance of regular physical activity. The dangers of the lack of it, as well as propose some ways in which to introduce exercise into their daily lives. The doctor will also find a suitable activity for the level of current activity performed by your child and analyse their weight/height ratio. While the vast majority of the US-born children are overweight and even obese, introducing daily exercising and various activities into children’s’ schedule is mandatory. A fun activity that is enjoyable for your child is the first step that you should both take. Let them experiment with various sports and enrol them in a class which he loves. Make sure that the activity is age-appropriate, and the GP is also able to help you with this. Planning is also recommended, as you want to make sure that your child has the necessary time to include such activities. Find an open window in their schedule and fit those hours of exercising into it. Also, if your child is fairly young, you could start by introducing them to active and physically stimulating toys. Also, if you expect activity from your child, you should start acting like a role model and become physically active yourself, if you aren’t already. These are some simple pieces of advice to start introducing into your children’s life more activity.

Find a stimulating hobby for both of you

If you love cycling, then take your child with you as well. If you love swimming, the specialists at 1st Direct Pools recommend researching the pool market and having one installed in your backyard if you don’t already have one. If you do, however, the same specialists recommend finding suitable solutions of making those more child-friendly and child-proof. An active hobby is enabling both you and your child to increase the daily dose of activity which is the main solution when it comes to preserving and implementing a healthy lifestyle as well as developing a stronger bond with them. A simulating hobby will not only increase their physical abilities and aptitudes, but also increase their socialising skills and teamwork attitudes, if the hobby is a team-based sport.

Help them understand better the sedentary lifestyle issue

Obesity is a growing issue in countries all over the world, with a rate of 1/5 in children of school age. Childhood obesity is a matter that has to be properly and effectively addressed as it impacts not only the health of the child, but also their ability to interact in a proper way with their peers, their emotional state and leads oftentimes to mental health issues to various degrees. Dietary changes but also changes that can be implemented inside families, schools, medical institutions and media, governmental agencies and religious establishments have the potential of making children understand better the sedentary matter and the outcomes of a sedentary lifestyle, including obesity. While children are still growing and developing, a healthy weight-height ratio is important throughout their development. An active lifestyle and a healthy diet, based on moderation and better dietary choices have to be promoted to children. Also, it has been proven that those children whose parents are actively involved in exposing the risks of being sedentary and overweight have, in fact, fewer chances of becoming obese and are more involved in daily exercising, activities and attitudes.

Present physical activities as entertaining games

If your child is at a small age, they may not fully understand the matter of obesity and sedentary, but you can still trick them into regular physical exercise. Presenting exercising as entertaining games is one of the most suitable solutions when it comes to getting your kid moving. For instance, play-pretend games are an extraordinary way of making small children perform an age-appropriate way of exercising. It can involve jumping, running and even light squatting, as the child is pretending to be various animals or even automobiles, airplanes and so on. Tag is another suitable type of game that can be introduced to them in order to exercise more.

Enrol them in sport summer camps during their summer break

Summer breaks are perfect if you want to get your child moving and this is because you can enrol them in various camps. The activities which are part of these camps’ schedule vary, but generally all children benefit from a generous amount of daily activity in the companionship of other children of similar age. From swimming, to football, kayaking and volleyball, there is certainly a type of activity suitable for all children in most of these camps. While they increase their physical resilience and passion for sports, children usually develop other sets of useful skills: better and more effective communication, socialising skills, teamwork abilities, the capacity of recognizing authority figures and following instructions.

Limit their access to TV and technological entertainment means

Make sure that you have clear boundaries and time-limits when it comes to their TV time, tablet or laptop time, and make sure to postpone their access to a personal smartphone until later in life. Lacking other entertainment means, they are more likely to opt for outdoor activities, which also involve more movement.

These are some smart ways in which parents could promote a healthier lifestyle and a more active lifestyle to their children. This will help them grow and develop in a healthier fashion and reduce the risks associated with the lack of physical activity.

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