Software to Dominate Your Marketing Strategy

In the age of “martech,” it seems like marketers should be able to do anything. They’re the magical, hybrid unicorns of a business, seamlessly designed to blend the best marketing practices with tech savviness. However, nobody can do it all, and marketing and tech are two very different fields. Fortunately, there’s technology available just for marketers to help them achieve that seemingly impossible blend. Part marketer, part techie, and 100 percent martech, here’s the software you need to win the marketing game:

  • Marketing automation software. There are little tasks and jobs every marketer undertakes that wastes a company’s time and, just as importantly, a marketer’s talents. Maybe it’s making sure numbers add up, ensuring that customer email addresses are updated, or simply uploading files daily to a shared cloud system so now campaigns are lost. With marketing automation software, all of those little tasks are taken care of for you so that marketers can tackle the more important items.
  • Cash to quote software. If your marketing department regularly customizes quotes for clients, cash to quote software is an absolute must. It considers purchase history, competitor prices, inventory and market trends to give sales teams and their clients the latest and most competitive prices possible. From seasonal discounts to loyalty program rewards, it’s the fastest way to provide an easy-to-read quote.
  • Customer relationship management software. Just like marketing, there are aspects of customer relationship management that can be outsourced—to a software program. It’s tough to keep all your ducks in a row, especially when you’re working with multiple customers every week. This software might be included within marketing automation software, or it can be integrated seamlessly.
  • User-friendly photo manipulation software that doesn’t require a degree to master. We live in a world of Photoshop fails, and marketers are now required to have plenty of graphic design savviness. However, not all programs are created equally. Some are free, some are very intuitive, and some are insanely complicated and costly. Choose a program that fits your needs and budget. Remember that you don’t need to software that’s revered by the best artists in the industry if your small startup really just creates the occasional posters at the moment.
  • A mass email tool. Whether the mass email is built into other software or you go with a classic like MailChimp, being able to email customers en masse without getting sent to spam is absolutely critical. Direct mail campaigns are largely dying, and e-newsletters and blasts are more finicky than ever. However, for the right industry and marketer, utilizing emails can still be an effective communication and marketing tool.
  • Social media management software. Social is one of the most powerful tools marketers have at the ready, and if you’re managing numerous platforms or pages you need a central hub to do it all at once. Plan posts in advance, get analytics, and ensure that you’re maximizing your time and efforts for social of influencer marketing campaigns. Again, this might be rolled into another program, or you might want to check out some of the many free options if you’re operating on a budget.
  • Data visualization software. When you can literally visualize your patterns, history and plans for the future, you have a much stronger hold on all your marketing efforts. Such software is often included in help desk-centric software, marketing automation software, and other larger umbrella offerings. Add it a la carte if it’s not in one of your packages, and you’ll instantly have a new marketing tool and perspective.

If you want to be a competitive marketer, there’s no getting around martech. The good news? Technology is rapidly evolving and is more user-friendly than ever. Get these software programs for your team, and find out just how quickly your efforts can be maximized.

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