Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy the sunlight, flowers and freshness. Appreciate all that this season offers you and transpose the spring atmosphere in your wedding details: colors, decorations, dress and location.

The use of pastel colors is very appropriate for a spring wedding. Use the colors of the season that make you think of the flowers of trees, of the verdure outside and of everything that revives with the spring. Opt for pink, lilac, yellow, fresh green, turquoise. You can add a few accents of red or orange, but try not to detach too much of the natural atmosphere created by the season. Nature will be your basic model in choosing the colors of the wedding. Use your creativity and imagination to create a suitable atmosphere. You can take inspiration from pastel spring colors when choosing the make-up for your wedding. In fact, Leeds beauty salon experts recommend brides to avoid harsh shades such as black, brown and blue and choose lighter options, such as pink, lavender or coral.

Flowers are an indispensable element at weddings, but for a spring wedding the best choice would be the flowers of the season – a bouquet of snowdrops, tulips, floral arrangements with lilac, lilies, hyacinths, daffodils or why not germinated wheat. Any other flower of the season will be welcome in the wedding decor. Dare to use unconventional elements to express the revival atmosphere of this season.

The living world is another source of inspiration for a spring wedding and we refer to all the creatures of spring: butterflies, birds, ladybirds. Do not be afraid to use as effect elements the above options – use decorations with artificial butterflies as key element or opt for wedding gifts or souvenirs in the form of bird or decorations that imitate nests. Scented candles with seasonal flavors can be used as a connection between the decor and the living world, and will make guests feel strongly the spring perfume.

The key moment of all brides is choosing the wedding gown. If the theme of the event is spring, make sure the dress is in tone with the season. Simple models from lightweight materials that highlight your femininity are the options that you need to take into account. Remember that your wedding dress completes the entire picture of the wedding. In terms of color, opt for the classic pure white or ivory and its derived shades. If you think that your gown is too simple, you can ask the staff at your beauty salon to create an intricate bridal updo to balance things out.

When it comes to the bridal look, choose a natural makeup and delicate jewelry pieces. We are well aware that statement jewelry is in style at the moment but for a bride, it is best if she chooses delicate designer women’s jewelry instead of big, yet cheap statement jewelry.

Finally, using a few key elements you will see how you can implement in reality any wedding theme you want. For a spring wedding, use as a base the specific elements of this season and do not forget to add your personal touch.

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