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Style at Home – Living Rooms

A living room is exactly what its name depicts it, meaning a room in which you practically live, because in the living room you spend most of your time: either relaxing in the company of a good book after a long and hard day or entertaining with your family and friends while playing various social board games or watching a movie. The living room is the place where you would want to carry out these types of activities. So, why would you not want to enhance your style at home, starting with your living room?

Improving your style at home, or figuring out the style you want for your home is an important step towards a chic and enchanting environment that will improve your lifestyle, as well. Most of you may not be aware of this by now, but the home you live in and its aspect has a great influence on your lifestyle and attitude in general, being able to shift your mood in a bad or good way.

We have gathered some examples of what a great style at home involves, in particular the style of your living room. Of course, you need to choose the type of interior design of the living room that ultimately fits your own personal style and personality.

A colorful and classic living room

The curtains made of a fabric colored in strong yellow green, also known as the color chartreuse immediately catch your eye and boast an incredible energy across the entire space of the living room. This is one of the best home interior design ideas for small spaces as it will brighten up even the smallest room, making it appear to be bigger. The classic furnishings offer a traditional look and they also enhance the bright and energetic personality of the room.

Another example of a colorful dose of style at home in your living room also stands as evidence that a room, no matter how small it may be, still can be very stylish and functional. The smart placement of the furniture and the use of reflective surfaces convey the impression of a larger room.

A vintage living room

The below picture shows just how floral vintage fabrics in pastel colors can soften the aspect of a room. However, if you are looking for home interior design ideas for small spaces, we advise you to avoid prints as they tend to make a space seem more crowded than it actually is. However, prints can be great for big living rooms and the floral prints from the above picture are simply lovely. The pale blue gray walls and the creamy white colored furniture add to the quiet and gentle aspect of the room. The armchairs covered with a sunny sheer fabric with floral pattern provide sweet bursts of color. All these elements blend very well together and manage to create an airy, soothing space where it seems that comfort is an absolutely required feature of a living room.

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