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Take the hassle out of house selling with these useful guidelines


So for one reason or another you have decided to relocate and sell your home. If your future moving actions depend on the money you will be getting from the sale of your currently-owned property, you are probably interested in moving things as fast as possible. Considering the real estate market is already overcrowded with all sorts of offers, managing to find a buyer, and to find them fast will be more complicated than you might think. The stress that comes with the process is also one you cannot neglect, so if you need a bit of help in this department, acquiring some useful insights could be necessary. These are the factors that might just take the hassle out of your home sale:

Start with the basics – declutter!

First impressions count, and even if a home might benefit from convenient amenities and a high level of comfort, if the place is disorganized and has a cluttered feel to it, it’s highly possible to lose the interest of a potential buyers. Before making the property available for viewings, make sure you have went through the basics, and that is decluttering. Organize the space, remove knickknacks and even give up on a few furniture items just to make the interior seem a bit more spacious.  You will notice yourself how much of a difference a simple, fast declutter can actually make.

Always collaborate with a real estate agent!

Even if your house might be renovated in a modern way, located in the most popular part of town and has an affordable selling price, without the support of a professional, finding a suitable buyer will still be difficult. Nowadays, in order to speed up the entire sale process, and to get buyers’ attention without having to put in that much effort, collaborating with an agent will be necessary. The right realtor will know exactly the most resourceful ways of advertising your property, will prevent you from partaking in too many unsuccessful viewings, and they will guarantee a high level of convenience. However, in order to access or the positive facets of working with an agent, choosing the right pro for the job will be demanded from your part, and that involves paying attention to their reputation, taking into account client references and also discussing money (just to make sure their fees are reasonable one, or ones you are willing to pay).  The experts at recommend home sellers to arrange an initial discussion before contracting an agent or another, in order to ensure the reliability of their future collaboration.

Invest in remodelling projects when necessary

An upgraded kitchen design, a bathroom that excels in terms of functionality, high quality insulation – these are the types of things buyers look for, and if you have problems with any home area, and renovations are demanded, investing in some will be necessary. Even if a kitchen remodel for example might involve a high financial investment from your part, you can research the returns that you will be able to access afterwards, and how much this will increase the value of the house, and you will conclude for yourself that such a project is worth the time and the money. Go around the house and see which area would need some renovating, and pursue the right projects before putting the property up for sale – this will prevent you from losing money in the sale.

Add the right photos to your online ads!

Whether you do decide to work with a realtor or not, posting for sale ads on platforms with high traffic is still recommended, considering many home seekers usually go online to access the latest real estate offers. In order for your ads to be as compelling as desired, focusing on presenting the property in an appealing manner will be necessary, and the best way you can do that is by photographing the place professionally. Taking photos of the house from the best angles and putting both the interior and the exterior of your home in the right light will increase the likelihood of being contacted by more people. So, before posting an advertisement on a classifieds site, hire a photographer to snap a few shots of the house.

Don’t neglect decor

Your house might benefit from remodels that have increased its value, but it’s important to realize that decor also plays an important role, and can influence the decision of a viewer in a direction or another. By making a few necessary changes to enhance the overall curb appeal of the house, it’s more likely to receive more positive feedback from those checking the place out. Adding a wall art, placing some decorative pillows on your sofa or even incorporating a few potted plants in the living room can work great. Spending some money on a decor upgrade will most certainly pay off. 

Be willing to negotiate!

Don’t expect a buyer to fall in love with your property and accept to pay the price you are asking for, from the start. When you are trying to put a financial value to your home, and decide how much money to request, take into account that the majority of buyers will not sign the selling paper without obtaining even a slight discount. Being willing to negotiate, and putting a flexible price to your house will increase the likelihood of selling the place at a much faster pace. If you have a said amount you want to receive, without compromises, simply ask for more first and then lower it to your desired monetary value.

Managing to sell your property fast and at a great price is possible as long as you take the necessary steps in this direction. The process of selling a house can be quite time-consuming, not to mention stressful, so anything you can do to balance things out is worth considering. These few tricks are the ones that you should take into account first, and if followed according, things will work out in your favour.  

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