Taking extra care of your amber rings

Amber jewelery are fascinating. Probably because it involves nature’s sense of art. The beautiful color that seems to change from time to time, the bubbles inside the resin, sometimes even the petrified insect, gives amber an unique look. Women simply adore amber rings, pendants, earrings and so on.

Because amber rings have an unique design, taking care of them is very important. Some pieces of jewelery can be worth a great deal of money, so it is good to have some clue about the cleaning techniques. So, here are some tips on how to own shiny and smooth amber rings. First of all, remember to always use a soft piece of material to rub the surface. It is important to do so, because otherwise you might end up scratching it. The amber used in making jewelery has a surface similar to glass lenses. In cleaning your glasses you use a special cloth, so you should do the same with amber. Some recommend a brush as well. This is partly true. The brush helps to clean the silver, but not the actual amber, because it might leave marks on the surface.

Secondly, people who are careful with their jewelery have noticed that there are several cleaning products specially designed for this purpose. It would be best to avoid them in the case of amber rings. What is more, try to keep your amber away from other chemical products. Don’t wear them, when you are cleaning or doing your hair. You could ruin them by mistake. If you are wondering what else is there to help you smoothen up your amber ring, then you should know that a drop of olive oil makes wonders. It restores the surface with its shine.

If you like that orange color that your jewelery has, then try to think of ways to protect it. Over time, amber rings have the tendency to darken their aspect. But this is no danger for you, if you place the piece of jewelery away from the light. You could buy some of those fashionable jewelery boxes and wrap the amber ring for example in a small soft fabric. Do this each time you wear it and keep it away from powerful sun light. The silver on to which the amber is placed needs special attention as well. In this case it is much simpler, because the ways to restore or keep the silver looking good are well known to everyone. A problem with this metal is that it tends to get darker and darker over time. Luckily, there special anti-tarnishing materials that should take care of  the problem.

Amber rings are great pieces of jewelery, so taking care of them should make them keep their natural appearance much longer. Such accessories are not very easy to come by and some amber rings can be rather expensive. It would be a shame to let it go to waste. There is nothing more elegant for a woman than to have an amber jewelery that sparkles and feels soft to complement the outfit. Amber jewelry can really complement your fashion street wear, especially if you’re into styles like Boho or hipster. It is timeless really, and doesn’t get affected by changing fashion trends; and although you can introduce it into your fashion street wear, it probably works just as well with an elegant dress and an updo.

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