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The basics of astrology explained for everyone’s sake

Astrology has made people to look up in the sky for ages. The art of reading the stars made them to spend hours and days in a row trying to figure out what the universe is trying to say about their lives. Nevertheless, there are still many people nowadays who don’t believe that astrology is real and accurate, but this only happens because they don’t know exactly what it deals with, not to mention that for successful results, it is essential that one resorts to the services of a professional and trained Indian astrologer Sydney. Here are the basics of astrology so that everyone can better understand it.

What is astrology after all?

Astrology is the study of the relative positions and movements of celestial objects. The purpose is to learn more about terrestrial events and human affairs. Its origins though lay in calendrical systems that people used in order to predict various seasonal shifts and to search for the meaning of celestial cycles, which were considered a form of divine communication.

To what extend is astrology influencing one’s life?

Believe it or not, astrology can tell a lot more about your life than you would have expected. You can find answers to some of the questions you never thought you would. In order to obtain the desired results though, it is essential that you find the best astrologer in your region. Some applications of astrology are:

  • Medical – in case you are preparing for an important medical procedure, such as a surgery or a changing medication, astrology can tell you when the best time for it is. According to astrologers, depending on the way planets are arranged, a person has good and bad phases that goes through, which is why people resort to an astrologer to determine the best dates for these procedures.
  • Career and vocation – many people resort to astrologers in order to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, as well as understand better their talents, shortcomings and various other gifts they have. An astrology reading can reveal you things you never thought about yourself, such as that you are good at a specific thing that you haven’t even tried yet.
  • Business – when people hear about astrology, the last thing they would think of is that it is somehow connected to the business field. Many people even claim that there is a thin line between success and failure and that astrology can totally make the difference in business. According to astrologers, it’s a bad time to start a business while having the moon in the “void of course” position.
  • Psychology – contrary to what many people believe, astrology is much more than reading the description of a star sign in order to learn more about a person’s personality type. Besides presenting the character traits and features of a sign, practitioners of psychological astrology are also capable of helping one improve their weaknesses and make important changes for the better in their lives.

The importance of birth time and its influence

When it comes to astrology reading, birth time has a major influence. The more accurate the birth time information is, the more accurate the astrology reading is as well. This is the reason why before paying an astrologer a visit, people are advised to learn everything about their birth time. This information is essential in determining the birth chart, which will also reveal your sun sign, moon sign and rising sign.

  • Birth chart – also known for “natal chart” is the horoscope each person has which is designed based on the exact time of that person’s birth. Besides knowing the exact time and date of birth, one should also have knowledge on the location of their birth. This way, the chart will be more accurate.
  • Sun sign – this is one of the most important elements of a birth chart, according to astrologers. It represents a person’s temperament and is determined by the month and the day of birth. It usually provides information on the way a person processes things, how they interact with other people and how they cope with emotions.
  • Moon sign – the moon sign represents the “emotional” or “inner” self of a person, or the way in which each of them handles emotions. Many astrologers claim that the moon is also about inner vulnerabilities, intuition, fears and things a person likes the most. The moon sign may be completely different from the sun sign.
  • Rising sign – this is more commonly known as “ascendant” and reflects the twelfth part of the sky that is ascending on the horizon when a person is born. It is determined by the sun sign and is an important element of one’s astrological chart. It is about the way one projects oneself outward and is perceived by other people.

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