The Beats Solo HD Review

The Beats Solo HD review helps those who want to buy such a device to form an opinion by considering the pros and the cons that it futures. After analyzing all the advantages and disadvantages it provides, they can make an informed decision.

Some of the people who have already used these headphones are very disappointed about the sound. They don’t appreciate the fact that the bass is too heavy and the treble is almost nonexistent. So, they would rather prefer a clean sound that allows them to hear everything equally. However, the manufacturers of this product affirm that they intended to create a device that is recommended for those who love a powerful bass in all music genres.

Although the strong bass drowning the rest of the music may represent the main disadvantage of these headphones, there are other inconvenient things that might seem uncomfortable for the buyers. One of the problems that customers might have to deal with refers to the fact that the volume control option does not work on all types of handsets.

If you are the owner of an iPhone 3G, you should turn your attention to other types of headphones, because you won’t be able to set the volume as high as you like. You might also encounter a problem that has to do with the noise that is surrounding you, because the Solo headphones are not noise-canceling.

However, the purpose of a Beats Solo HD review is to show the good parts of a product as well, so we inform you that the design featured by these headphones is a very stylish and durable one. It is really impressive, and you can be confident that it will be admired by all your friends. The cable incorporates a mic, a volume rocker and iPod controls.

This product integrates a three year warranty which means that the manufacturers were confident in their work, so you don’t have to worry about encountering any problems sooner than that. Furthermore, it features a superior quality of the plastic that will prevent cracks or other damages from appearing. It doesn’t require the use of batteries, and it is really comfortable. So, although the price might seem a little high, according to this Beats Solo HD review, the Solo headphones offer many benefits.

Whatever you decide to do, we suggest you to compare the price of this device with the ones of other headphones, and consider which the advantages that they offer you are. After all, you must choose the ones that most suit your expectations.

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