The Benefits of Situational Humor

The happiest people are those who also know how to have a good time besides working hard. Enjoying a nice time with funny moments and laughs can help anyone enter a good mood. Situational humor is one of the many comic expressions that can make your day better.

Although there are people who enjoy situational humor, there are others who don’t. So, there are certain jokes that might appeal to some persons but not to others. That is why you must be very careful and make sure you don’t upset anyone before making fun of a certain situation.

Some people believe that situational humor is the best way to escape an embarrassment moment. There are many awkward things that can happen in an office or in any type of environment. Feeling bad after tripping or stumbling while you are carrying a pile of papers it’s not going to help you at all.

So, our advice is to look at the funny side of the moment and enjoy a few laughs with your coworkers. Act like nothing wrong happened and ask who made such a mess, or talk about your new style of dancing. You can be confident that people will admire your sense of humor and they will appreciate your ability to face embarrassing moments.

Situational comedy also serves as the basis of most of the comedy movies. The characters are placed in the same common environment where certain events take place. Most of the dialogs are inspired from real life, so the audience who is watching the sitcom can enjoy some original and unique jokes.

Although this type of humor is very popular, there are people who are more sensitive than others. They don’t like to be the source of jokes and they might even take your actions personal. Depending on each personality humor can be understood on different levels. Among the situational humor we can also find the anecdotal, blue, dark, dry, ironic, parodic and satirical humor.

The sense of humor that people have help them overcome difficult situation and strike up friendships with others who have the same taste for comedy. It represents the main way to release the tension between two people and start a conversation. So, those who have similar personalities can become best friends if they share the same preferences when it comes to humor.

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