The Best Chat Platforms Available

Chatting on the internet is nowadays now one of the most utilized forms of communication, especially since the advent of mobile chat software. There are quite a few mobile chat applications available today, and new ones kept popping up in the last few years. But this stark competition only meant that the products got better and better, and gave people the opportunity to choose something that was compatible with their tastes and needs. Now that some time has passed, it is safe to say we can make a top of some of the best mobile chat platforms available.

However, it should not be defined by a strict hierarchy, because each application has its own special features, advantages and disadvantages. Let’s see what they are:


This is probably the most popular mobile chat application on the market, and it started this way because it offered a few advantages that other platforms didn’t. To begin with, WhatsApp offers you the possibility of sending SMS-like messages (in real time or otherwise), but to exchange other data as well, such as video or audio, all based on your phone number. In the first year, utilizing it is completely free, and after that there is a charge of approximately $1 per year, which allows the company behind not to put ads in their software. WhatsApp can be used on almost all smartphones and new generation mobile phones, but now it can be used on a PC or laptop as well. Now, the application is owned by Facebook, and was integrated in their service packages.


This chat platform was also quite popular when it was first launched, because it offered a communication avenue specially customized for Blackberry users. Some of its more attractive features were the possibility to chat one-on-one, but in a group as well, by creating your own channel that people can come to. You can even follow other people’s channels and see what they are discussing, and you can share video files. Moreover, BBM allows you to share your screen with others, so there are few limits in communication with it. However, if you want to take your conversations to the next level, we advise you to learn how to download BBM for PC. We guarantee you that after installing the app on your computer, you will discover many advantages that you didn’t even know about before. For example you can visualize videos and photos on a larger screen, and you can edit images in more favorable conditions.

What most of the people don’t know is that Blackberry Messenger features many options that can be used only on the latest versions of Blackberry devices. So, unless you own a very efficient mobile phone, you can’t have access to many interesting tools. Still, if you choose to download BBM for PC that won’t represent a problem anymore.


If you like your chat platform to do even more for you, then you can try this one. It allows you to text message, to call or video call for free, to share a conversation or information with a group of people, and has many other little nifty features, such as the option to store favorite messages, to browse the web, to find people in your area and other friends from WeChat, and even has a Walkie Talkie function, which differs from audio chat or video call in that you need to invite people into your Walkie Talkie group, and only one person can talk at a time.

Kik Messenger

Overall, this chat application is quite classical, in that it allows you to text message your friends live, but to share information as well, such as photos, videos or audio files. What makes it special is that it has a built-in browser, so you can surf the internet while conversing with friends, and even share with them if you find something interesting. It is compatible with Android, Microsoft and Apple.

These messenger applications are all great in their own way, and the fact that they differ only makes it easier for people to choose what methods of communication they prefer best. They are all quite easy to use, are priced cheaply or free, and you can use one or all of them, depending on what your friends are using.

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