The Best Pets for Kids

A pet can provide nice memories for a kid and it can enhance its entire childhood, but the most important thing is that it can teach the child more about discipline and responsibilities. The best pets for kids are those that can offer entertainment and learning opportunities.

A pet requires constant attention and certain expenses. However, if you choose the right pet for your kid, you allow him to develop an emotional commitment for a living animal, which can serve him as a priceless life lesson. A regular care will make your little one become attached by his pet and that is how he will learn more about the consequences of his actions.

In order to find the perfect companion for you kid, you can choose between some of the best pets for kids:

• We recommend you to opt for a turtle because its life span is very long, so your kid won’t have to deal with dying pets from a fragile age. These moments can cause a child great sorrow and sadness, so it’s best to try to avoid them. Unlike hamsters and other animals that can live for only two or three years, turtles can live more than fifty years. The Russian tortoises are very easy to take care of because all they eat are plants, and due to their slow movement, they can do no damage in the house.

• Fluffy kittens are the best pets for kids. They are very active and they can cheer anyone with their funny tricks. However, you might want to take the cat that you decide for to a veterinary checkup because immunizations are very important when it comes to avoiding certain diseases and illnesses. Cats don’t need lots of space to live a happy life. Therefore, they are perfect for families with small houses. We recommend you the following breeds: the Burmese which is gentle and caring, the Abyssinian which is very friendly, and the Birman which is considered very sociable.

• Dogs are people’s best friends. They have always been considered people’s favorite pets because besides entertainment they also can provide safety for their adopting family. However, cuddly puppies require lots of commitment and time. If you want your kid to receive plenty of attention, you can choose between different breeds of dogs such as Labradors, Pugs, Australian Cattle Dog, Golden Retrievers and German Shepards.

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