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The Best Router Table Techniques to Try

Have you just bought a router table and you need to learn how to use it in order to obtain the best results? To get the hang of how to use your router table and the purpose of each accessory and component, we invite you to analyze some router table reviews that will clarify all your questions. For added assistance, here are some of the best router table techniques to try, which you will definitely find very useful.

Move the router to the right

Many people who haven’t used a router table before, make the same mistake. They advance the router in the wrong direction. It is highly recommended that you always move the router against the rotation of the bit. Due to this technique, you will have a full control over the unit, and the bit will cut into the work. If you look straight down at the top of the tool, you will notice that the bit actually rotates in a clockwise direction. This means that you need to move the router from left to the right. This is a very important technique that you must take into account if you are planning to buy such a unit as it increases safety in use as well as operational efficiency.

Mount the router upside down

You are probably wondering why you need to do this. Here is why this is an excellent idea. If you mount the router upside down in a router table, then by doing so, the tool’s capabilities will expand, and therefore, routing will be a lot easier and safer as well. Due to the fact that the tool will be held securely in one place, you will be able to use both hands in order to safely feed the stock into the bit. You will see exactly what you are doing, since the bit is clearly visible, and this is something that it is not always possible when it comes to handheld routing.

Consider the dovetail details

There are definitely some wood joints that are as strong and as beautiful as a dovetail. If you want to build a drawer or a jewelry box, then you certainly need dovetail joints. You can cut dovetail joints by hand, but this entire process can be a lot easier and more precise when using a router and a dovetail template as well, which is actually a vise that comes equipped with adjustable metal fingers. What you need to do is to clamp the tailboard into the template. Once you do so, you need to use a dovetail router bit in order to cut tails. Then, you must take the pinboard and install it into the template. You must use a straight router bit in order to cut the pins.

Making customized moldings

Another great method to use the table for is cutting your own moldings as it provides a faster and easier technique when compared to solely using the router. Best of all, narrow boards that you would have had trouble with are easier to shape with the help of a router table as it features featherboards that endorse ease of use when cutting moldings. Additionally, the router table presents a safer manner to perform this action as it features a push stick which protects your fingers throughout the entire process.

Freehand routing with the use of a starting pivot

A great use of the router table is when handling small-sized pieces that would otherwise be complicated to hold down and shape. Shape the workpiece as you desire using a bearing guide or a bearing-guided router bit, riding the guide against the pattern. In case the table you work with features a hole specially designed for a starting pin, your work will be a lot easier. All in all, these are definitely the best router table techniques to try, in order to obtain excellent results.

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