The best sites to follow Premier League football online

The Premier League is the most watched football league in the world. In the United Kingdom, the main broadcasters are Sky Sports (broadcast 126 games of the 168 televised games in the UK) and BT Sports. The remaining 212 matches that are not broadcast live in the UK are all broadcast elsewhere under the pact ‘world feed’ audio, where the full match commentary is provided by the Premier League.

While there’s nothing like watching Premier League matches on television sets, nowadays you can watch them on online, mostly free of cost. It comes as a great relief for football fans in the UK who miss 3pm kick offs which are not allowed to broadcast.

William Hill offers live streams for a wide range of sports including football. Sign up here to qualify for a bonus bet and also get access to global football live streams.
Here are some of the other top websites that provide live streaming of Premier League football: – It is a well managed streaming site, structured in a simple way. On the right hand side, there is a chat room where fans can discuss about the game. The best feature of this site is that it loads the content quickly. It provides live streaming of popular channels like BT Sports and NBC, both of which cover Premier League football.
FirstRowSports – It is another great free streaming site where you can get hold of Live Premier League games. They have more than one server and they provide high quality videos. You can also check time zones from the site. They also cover multiple sports and popular sports news channels. The only negative feature about this site is that it opens various ads for each and every link and sometimes it gets very irritating.
All Sport Live – The site is based in Russia but you can comfortably watch all the Premier League matches. Don’t forget to enable Google Translator as it provides the listing of sports in the Russian language. However, you should give this website a try once.
 MyP2P – Another website similar to FirstRowSports but with a simple interface. You can watch Premier League games Live here, but adds popping up here and there can be a frustrating experience.  – This is only meant for football fans in India. Hotstar is a part of Star network and therefore they stream all the Premier League games Live. However, you need to register with them first, as it comes under ‘Premium’ category. You have to pay a monthly subscription to enjoy the services.
 Some of the other popular online streaming stations/websites are,,,, and Laola1.Tv.

Truth be told, not every time do you get to watch HD videos while watching online. It depends on the server and your internet speed as well. A buffering video, for instance, will be boring to watch.

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