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The Best Sports Movies

Most of the sports movies present the sacrifices that athletes have to make in order to build a successful career. They have interesting plots which involve the struggles that the main characters have to go through in order to achieve their dreams.

The best movie about ice hockey which is one of the toughest sports is “Slap Shot”. Besides sports, the movie also talks about the decline of certain urban areas that started in the 1970s. The action takes place in an industrial city where a minor-league team named The Charlestown Chiefs, tries to change the fact that they are a low-grade squad, and they try to move on to the new stage.

Things take another turn when the biggest factory of the town is about to close, leaving 10,000 employees without a job. This tragedy affects the economic base of the city and lets the coach of the team understand that the fallowing season might be the team’s last chance to play. He tries to reveal the identity of the team’s unknown owner, and he turns to showbiz strategies to build up the team’s name.

“Slap Shot” is one of the best sports movies which impressed with a great story. It was also a movie that included the most swearing. However, the TV version featured censored words and that is how people were able to hear for the first time the word “fricking”. The movie presents the actor Paul Newman in the role of Reggie Dunlop and his attempts to give the team one more chance to glory.

The fight for victory is between Dunlop’s team and the fierce Syracuse Bulldogs. Although they have to deal with recruited criminals and brutes, the Chief achieve their highest score and obtain the victory that they have always dreamed about. The hometown crowd and the fans are ecstatic, and the movie offers a happy end to those who love sports.

Among other important films, the sports movies manage to involve emotionally the viewers, especially if they are fans of any sports. Jerry Maguire is a movie that allows us to see what happens behind the important players who manage to keep their high points on the field. It presents us the strategies adopted by some shameless agents who are interested only in their own profit.

The character Jerry, who is interpreted by Tom Cruise, tries to explain others that they could actually help their clients, but he gets fired from his job. So, he starts many conflicts in order to show his real potential.

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