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The Best Tech News for Alcoholics and Drug Addicts

The best tech news informs those who have to deal with certain addictions about the advantages that they can have with the latest smartphone application that can prevent them from relapsing. Researches promise that this form of prevention is really efficient, especially since everybody owns a phone that can be transformed into a practical instrument. That way it could constantly provide services which can serve important purposes.

The best tech news presents the A-CHESS application which integrates audio relaxation features that are meant to help the owner forget about the problems that he is struggling with. Moreover, he can move on without searching solution in alcohol or other substances which could give birth to other complications. The sober app also gives the owner the possibility to communicate with support groups, and it sends him alerts if he approaches a high-risk place, like a bar, a tavern, or other location that might tempt him to consume alcohol.

According to some studies, patients who got released from special centers reported less drinking days than those who didn’t use sober smartphones. So, they managed to obtain more overall abstinence than people who received the regular follow-up support, and they were able to fight relapse in easier conditions. After all, it’s much easier to avoid temptation by staying away from it, than avoiding problems after getting exposed to the.

Users seem to really appreciate the feature that allows them to connect with people who have gone through similar situations by connecting to a network of peers. Furthermore, receiving an encouraging text message or a phone call represents a great emotional boost, which is exactly what an ex-addict needs when he feels vulnerable.

The most important thing is that this is one of the best tech news that presents a product that has the role to help people and not just entertain them like other devices do. It integrates a function that involves asking periodic questions through text or voicemail about the patient’s condition. That is a great option because it constantly reminds the user that he has to stay away from temptations, so he cannot forget about the importance of staying sober.

The best part is that depending on the patient’s answers, the system notifies a counselor if there is any need of intervention. So, if the answers seem worrisome, a professional takes the measures he needs to offer help and support for the patient.

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