The Best Verizon Wireless Phones

Verizon Wireless is a subsidiary of Verizon Communications, and it represents the amplest mobile network operator in the United States. This company provides wireless services to more than 100 million subscribers and it holds 100% ownership. It was based on a business agreement between Bell Atlantic, which is an American telecommunications company, and Vodafone, the global British telecommunications company.

Although at first Vodafone held 45% of the joint venture, Verizon bought Vodafone’s stake and became the only owner of the company. Furthermore, Verizon Wireless is the best cellular service provider in the United States. It offers trustworthy call service and fast speeds, so you must take advantage of these benefits and invest your money in the best Verizon phone that can allow you to have access to one of the largest 4G LTE networks on the continent.

One of the best smartphones on the market that you can trust to meet your needs is the Nokia Lumia 928 because it runs Windows Phone 8 while featuring an affordable price. A $100 price tag represents a smaller amount of money than you will pay for other phones that come with 32GB of space. The design that it features is a very stylish one as Microsoft’s mobile OS includes Live Tiles which act like Android widgets. The latest version of Microsoft’s smartphone OS also futures display updated information and image previews, which are options that you won’t find at other phones.

Nokia Lumia 928 incorporates a camera that can deliver a great performance even in low light. However, if you are a power user, this phone might not rise to your expectations because the battery won’t last for an entire day with a single charge. So, this device will satisfy all your needs only if you use it just for making calls and sending texts. Therefore, we advise you to get a charger for the office.

The Apple iPhone 5C is colorful and sleek, and it comes in both 16 and 32GB variants. If you want to be the owner of an iPhone without spending a large amount of money, you can opt for the 16GB iPhone 5C because you won’t have to spend more than $200 in order to purchase it. The design of this Verizon Wireless phone features lively hues, which are a nice change comparing with the dull colors of other phones.

Although the Apple iPhone 5C represents an upgraded version of the previous model because it integrates an improved camera, it doesn’t introduce the A7 processor. With the release of the iPhone 5S, Apple integrated the A7 processor, but the 5C doesn’t include this extremely fast processor.

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