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The Best Web Hosting Guide

In order to learn more about web hosting, we provide you this web hosting guide that will allow you to understand all the details that are involved in this matter. The first thing that you must pay attention to refers to the fact that a good hosting represents the base of any website. It is the foundation of your brand and your business, so you must make sure that your website is well taken care of, because any server downtime can ruin it.

There are many tempting promotions that certain web hosting companies use in order to gain new customers. Therefore, it is quite difficult to choose a reliable firm to protect your interest. Before getting a web hosting account, you can take a look to this web hosting guide that will help you avoid confusing marketing gimmicks.

If you are considering free domains as a solution to your problem, you must pay attention to some important aspects. Although the domain is free, the hosting firm retains the ownership. Therefore, you won’t be able to change the company unless you will pay a hefty amount of money in order to buy the domain back. Another important detail refers to the fact that the first year is free, but if you want to renew the hosting account, the company will charge you for that service. So, you must find out who will own the domain and which the renewal costs will be.

While the hosting services are meant to adjust your website, your domain name represents your online identity and the most irreplaceable asset. That is why you should take note of the fact that domain names don’t need to be registered at the same web hosting company. Otherwise, there are many risks that you submit to. It won’t be in your advantage if the company decides to go down together with your domain. So, you must find a trustworthy and reliable registrar that can meet your needs.

Another advice that you will find on this web hosting guide refers to the fact that you must avoid long-term contracts, even if companies offer big discounts for paying several years up-front. Unless you trust very much the company due to its great track record, don’t get stuck with this marketing strategy. Furthermore, we recommend you to do your own backup because it is not indicated to allow your host to backup your files. The host has to operate regular backups, so you can opt for off-site backups.

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