The Call of Duty: Ghosts Review

The Call of Duty: Ghosts review talks about the advantages of a game that features a story of an alternative reality in which the United States are attacked by a newly superior global power, the South American Federation.

The game begins with an orbital bombardment which devastates California. Ten years later, the weakened country struggles to maintain its power, but the nation fights for surviving and not for liberty as its enemies are stronger and have a superior technology that they use in order to win the fight. The battle is between a limited group of soldiers named Ghosts and the emerged global power which is represented by Gabriel Rorke who used to be part from the good guys team. The story of Call of Duty is simple to follow and understand compared to other current popular games such as League of Legends. This is not necessarily an advantage; because LoL is the most popular game in the world at the moment. Just type “ LoL refer a friend ” online and you will get endless search results. This list shows how played this game actually is, if the number 27 million players every day is not enough.

The best thing about this scenario is that it has a fresh dynamic that offers you the possibility to create
soldiers with complementing abilities. You can choose their body type, their equipment and you can even opt for a female soldier for the first time. So, depending on your preferences you can choose between 20.000 combinations in order to create the best soldier that has ever existed.

The Call of Duty: Ghosts review recommends this type of game to those who love action movies as the plot that it features is very similar to action films. It presents Rorke, the main enemy of the Ghosts as a man who has been left for dead in a bad mission, and now he is back for revenge. Although you’re playing the role of Logan Walker, the heroes of the game are Hesh and his father Elias.

Hesh maintains all the conversations that a main character would have, while his father contributes to making the game more interesting with the fact that his past is tied directly to Roarke. There are others members such as Keegan and Merrick who help these characters through the eighteen missions incorporated in the game. They don’t represent important keys in the game because they are only talking notifications which tell you what you need to do in order to succeed in achieving your goal.

Although the game claims itself as the improved version of the previous models, the graphics remain the same. So, its aspect doesn’t impress too much, especially because the developers have raised the users’ expectations by announcing a better performance regarding the graphics. In spite of all that, the Call of Duty: Ghosts review appreciates Riley, the team’s dog which highlights the idea of loyalty and fighting for the same cause. It represents one of the team members that fight against the enemy, and he respects any command the Ghosts give him.

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