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The Classic Arcade Wristwatch Review

The Classic Arcade Wristwatch review allows anyone to find out which are the advantages of opting for such an accessory. Furthermore, it is very important to make informed decisions when it comes to paying money for a gadget, because finding out that a certain product is not what you expected might be too late after buying it.

This Classic Arcade Wristwatch review highlights the interesting design that this device features. We are sure that everyone has entered at least once into an arcade with a pocket full of quarters, so anyone knows how an arcade cabinet looks like. This fun watch features a decorative joystick, and a button that you can press to discover the sounds and the flashing lights that it includes. Due to its intricate design, it can be difficult to integrate in a certain outfit. If you plan on wearing such accessories, we advise you to read a mens style guide. Ideally, such a watch should be integrated in a colorful, casual outfit. It would go great with a brightly colored print t-shirt.

Unfortunately there is no game integrated in this gadget, so although it might look like it has many interesting applications, it can’t surprise you with this type of things. Moreover, it has the size of a modern LCD screen that could have allowed at least a rudimentary game to be included, but the manufacturers didn’t think about this aspect when they created it. Still, integrating a game implies a bigger price, so some users are satisfied that they don’t have to pay a couple hundred more for it. They consider $60 a reasonable amount of money, and they think it isn’t much to spend for their delight.

Having a tiny arcade cabinet around your wrist might seem the best way to express your fun personality. Furthermore, this is a real working watch that displays the time in an analog-style by using a combination of dials with asteroids, and a small spaceship. The fire button helps you lighting up the red dots which indicate the hour, and enjoy the sound that gives the impression that your little ship is firing to destroy potential enemies.

According to the Classic Arcade Wristwatch review, this ThinkGeek creation is exclusive, and it uses a design that imitates a game of Galactic Defense. The hours and minutes hands are replaced by space rocks, while the seconds hand is replaced by a small ship. The watch features Japanese movement, a stainless steel case, a black leather strap with white stitching, and 1 CR2032 and 1 SR626 button cell batteries that can last for one entire year.

The dimensions of the Retro Arcade Watch are 1 1/2″ wide x 2 1/4″ tall x 1″ deep. Its band is 1″ width, and it has holes that gives the owner the possibility to adjust its size from 7 3/4″ to 10″, which is its full length. In order to highlight the design of this watch, read a mens style guide and learn how this type of accessories can be matched with the rest of your outfit.

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