The Deadpan Humor

There are many types of humor that people use in order to enjoy a good time. Depending on a person’s personality he can react to all sorts of humor such as situational, parodic, ironic, or deadpan humor.

Most of people enjoy classic jokes but there are others who think that the funniest type of humor is deadpan humor. This modern form of expressing a comic fact involves delivering humor without showing any type of emotion. The body language remains the same while the facial expressions are

No matter how ridiculous a subject might be, those who adopt this type of humor use a calm and casual voice in order to make the joke seem even funnier than it really is. So, it doesn’t matter if the presentation is not a funny one because the intent of creating a hilarious situation has great results.

Deadpan humor which is also called dry humor is apparently unintentional since the conversation seems to be a regular and a common one. The audience doesn’t expect anything out of ordinary, because the person who is about to make the joke doesn’t have any facial expression, and that is what makes the joke have a bigger impact.

Many sitcoms use this type of humor in order to define their characters’ personality. Most of the characters who adopt this type of comedy use it to parody those who they share the environment with. It also creates a contrast between the different life styles that the sitcom presents.

The deadpan humor describes a subtle way to create comic situations, so it tests the audience’s ability to understand comedy at a higher level. It stimulates the intelligence of those who assist to the moment, and it makes them develop a better sense of observation.

Seinfeld is one of the most popular sitcoms that used this method of delivering funny moments and comic situations. It made those who watched it realize that humor can exist in many ways, and it doesn’t have to be obvious in order to rise to the public’s expectations. After all, the funniest persons are those who don’t always seem ready to deliver a good joke.

Everybody loves people who can adjust to any situation and make funny jokes without letting those around them know what to expect. They are unpredictable and their style can bring a smile on everyone’s face.

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