The Economic Importance of Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival is promoted as a tourist attraction. This event started in February, 1966 and it was intended to give a new lease of life to retail trade in the United Arab Emirates. However, people all over the world started to see it as an occasion to extend their wardrobes while spending their holidays in an exotic country. So, that is how it became famous in the whole world.

During Dubai Shopping Festival more than 3 million people are attracted to this town. The event, which is scheduled during the first quarter of the year, represents a great marketing strategy because all the sellers offer discounts on their products. That is how people live with the illusion that they save money, when all they actually do is buy more things, and spend even more money than they were supposed to.

The large numbers of tourists who visit the city during Dubai Shopping Festival really help improving the local economy. All the money that they spend on the latest collections of clothes represents a great source of income.
Furthermore, the 3 million people who want to attend this event need a place to sleep during the festival, so they have to make reservation for hotel rooms. As we all know, Dubai hotels are quite luxurious and expensive, so the big money that tourists have to pay for their rooms will also go to the local budget. The money that people spend in restaurants and other locations are also a great contribution when it comes to helping the local economy.

This yearly month long event was cancelled only once when the Dubai’s ruler, Sheikh Maktoum bin Rashid Al Maktoum died in 2006. People who live in the United Arab Emirates have strict rules when it comes to respecting traditions and honoring those who represent important figures.

Besides shopping for clothes, tourists can find other ways to relax and spend a nice time. There are daily car raffles drawn, and there is a fireworks display that can enhance everyone’s day. In order to offer as many entertainment events as possible, the city also hosts Dubai Summer Surprises which is scheduled to coincide with the shopping festival.

According to the information provided by an agency of the Department of Tourism and
Commerce Marketing, AED 12.3 billion were spent during the Dubai Summer Surprises that took place in 2012. So, investing money in such events can really pay off.

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