The Food Security Definition

According to the food security definition there are major concerns regarding the current availability of food. Although people have worried about these issues constantly throughout history, these days this problem seems to be more complex than ever. The access to information that people all over the world have, allows them to find out more about the life conditions that certain civilizations have to deal with. The lack of food that some countries have represents a major problem that other states try to solve by installing programs which are meant to reduce the difficulties that some people have to go through.

The president of the United States has started many collaborations with leaders of other important states and organizations in order to offer better standards of living for those who are less fortunate. The programs that were implemented have the role to provide food and medical support for nations who suffer from poverty.

Education is another aspect that these programs are based on because the cause of death among people who live in the third world is represented by a big lack of education. They don’t know what they have to do in order to avoid health problems. Furthermore, women give birth to children from a very fragile age which represents one of the main reasons why they get sick and develop illnesses that the majority of them don’t manage to recover from.

Reported to the food security definition, this concept was applied at a national level originally, but nowadays this matter concerns the entire world as there are people who don’t have access to food resources. According to some statistics that were made between the years 2011-2013, 842 million people are suffering from chronic hunger. The Food and Agriculture Organization established the four principles that serve as the base of food security: access, availability, stability and access. Furthermore, the United Nations included the Right to food in the Declaration of Human Rights and it marked the fact that food is vital in order to enjoy other rights.

The World Summit on Food Security noted the fact that food should not be used as a tool for manipulating other nations. The food security definition implies the fact that food doesn’t have to be seen as an instrument for economic and political pressure. Moreover, helping others who are less fortunate buy creating jobs for them and higher living standards can have many advantages, because the evolution of a country can improve the global economy.

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