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The great versatility of mobile shelving systems

When it comes to offices of any kind, as well as document storage rooms or archives, there is no storage system more efficient than mobile shelving, which can help both in reducing the use of floor space and in increasing the storage capacity of a room. These systems provide great flexibility, not just because they allow the choice between saving space and increasing capacity, but also because they can be used in multiple areas and for multiple purposes. Indeed, mobile storage units are highly versatile, reason for which they’ve become more and more popular over the last years, in several industries and environments, starting with the obvious office spaces and ending with hospitals and museums.

Versatility in setting


As mentioned above, mobile shelving units are suitable for a variety of environments, bringing the same benefits and ease of use to any setting. First of all, they are a perfect fit for offices, being design to store any type of files and items, from boxes and suspension files to papers of any size and style. Although the development of technology has helped offices shift towards a paperless approach, some businesses and fields still require the storage of paper files and documents, so the need for an encompassing storage solution that’s flexible and provides easy access still exists. A great example is represented by banks or building societies which are required by law to keep paper records of their clients and bank workers may need to refer to these files quite often, so a storage system that’s easily accessible and features great organisation is crucial. The same can be said about legal offices and solicitors, another environment that requires large file storage.


However, offices and banks are not the only settings that can make great use of mobile shelving units. Hospitals also deal with huge volumes of paperwork, as all admissions and medical records, as well as surgery records, need to be kept on paper as well. Hospitals are also known for space limitations, so having a shelving system that can provide you with the same storage volume within half the space of a standard one comes very in handy.


Versatility in style

A great advantage of mobile shelving units, apart from offering great storage with little use of floor space, is that they can feature different styles, which means they can be easily accommodated for a wide range of uses and environments. Depending on the particularities of your space and your needs, you can choose between move-a-side units and sliding bays. The first type of systems is parallel to the back wall, sliding along the width of the bays, which makes them perfect for very limited spaces. The sliding systems are mounted on floor tracks that are installed perpendicular to the wall.


You can also choose between mobile units that are hand operated and bays that have a mechanical wheel system, the latter being ideal for systems comprising a large number of bays. Mobile bays can also be quite stylish, as there are many decorative choices when it comes to front panels and you can choose among different finishes as to match the systems with the rest of your space.

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