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The Longest Baseball Game in History

The longest baseball game ever played in the history of professional baseball game was between the Rochester Red Wings and the Pawtucket Red Sox, both teams from the Triple-A International League.

The game lasted for 33 innings, with a playing time of eight hours and 25 minutes. On April 18/19, 1981 at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island there were played 32 innings and the final 33rd inning was played on June 23, 1981. Pawtucket Red Sox won the game with the score of 3–2. To this day, the game between Pawtucket Red Sox and Rochester Red Wings remains the longest baseball game ever played in the professional baseball game history.

No one ever expected that a pair of Minor League teams would reach such a long standing record. At the bottom of the 21st inning, Boggs victoriously scored a tying run after Rochester had led the score with 2-1. However, Boggs received mixed reactions from the Pawtucket Red Sox dugout. A part of the crowd was first glad that they made a tie, but then they did not seem glad anymore, as they wanted to go home. And, they finally did go home at 4:09 AM the next morning, which also included the last 19 fans that remained at the order of the league president. Nevertheless, after 32 innings played in the exhausting New England cold, it was still a tie, with the score of 2-2.

Because there was no winner, it was finally decided that the two teams would resume the game when their schedules allowed it, which meant over a period of two months on June 23rd. Due to the fact that the Major Leaguers were on strike and realizing that they were going to witness history in action, the fans came in masses, approximately 5800 attended the game. However, this time, the game did not last very long; in just 18 minutes, Barrett ran home so that the Pawtucket Red Sox finally win the match and end the longest baseball game in history.

To commemorate this rare event, a ball signed by the members of both teams is placed in the Baseball Hall of Fame. A multitude of new records has been achieved, such as most strikeouts (Rochester with 34) and most at-bats (Pawtucket with 114) and an astonishing 882 pitches had been thrown.

The longest baseball game, played in the professional league, prior to this, was a game of 29 innings between Miami and St. Petersburg of the Florida State League on June 14, 1966.

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