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The Madden 25 (for XBOX 360) Review

The Madden 25 celebrates 25 years of existence; fans all over the world will be able to enjoy some new futures that are meant to increase its value and popularity. The Madden 25 (for XBOX 360) review explains to those who are interested that they don’t have to settle with Superbowl since they have the opportunity to play on this new released game each day.

Players with all experience levels will appreciate the fact that the EA Sports chose to focus on improving the features the game already had instead of developing new ones. After all, the most important thing is the quality and not the quantity, so it’s better to create improved versions of the previous games than to add some new elements that are just as bad as the old ones.

The new Run Free system was transformed into a more dynamic one thanks to the precision running that was added to it. This new approaching gives you the possibility to slow down and execute certain maneuvers with style. The addition takes practice but it represents a big help when it comes to spinning and finding a way to get by your enemy in an elegant mode.

The Madden 25 (for XBOX 360) review represents a modality to tell all video games fans that the most important thing is to enjoy the performance that this game delivers instead of being disappointed due to the lack of new features. The designers paid more attention to the details that make the game look more realistic. That is how all the players have the capacity to recover from stumbles and that is why the animations are more dynamic than ever.

However, it would have been nice if the developer would have gone further with the 25th anniversary by introducing a specific theme. He could have found a more creative way to allow the user progress through all the graphics that existed over the past 25 years as he wins every new game.

The best Madden 25 (for XBOX 360) review implies the fact that the game has always focused on a powerful offensive play instead of paying more attention to the defensive side of the game. That can influence in a great way the whole course of the game, so there must be taken some measures regarding this matter.

The replays are still encountering some visual problems since they are not zooming in the right places. Because of these issues the user can’t enjoy the success of his actions on the field, and that can ruin some great moments.