The Main Advantages of Building Apps with an Open Source Parse Server

A few years ago when mobile apps were still a novelty, they were pretty hard to build. The main challenge was the fact that the developers had to design the backend of the system from scratch. This was expensive, time consuming and inefficient, as it caused frequent bugs and severe crashes. While some old-school developers still develop apps from scratch, nowadays there is a faster and more efficient solution. An open source Parse is a backend as a service solution that allows you to build better apps faster and with lower costs. Keep on reading if you want to discover the main advantages of building apps with Open Source Parse.

1. Better server performance

Scaling your app has never been as easy as it is with an open source Parse server. While not all Parse providers offer the same server performance, most of them offer decent quality servers. For optimal performance, we recommend Back4App. Their platform is hosted on AWS, and it is capable of supporting a smart database index, countless queries, auto-scaling, redundant storage capacity and automated backups. To give you a more precise estimation of the server performance, Back4App has proven that it can scale apps up to 10.000 request per second, with almost 80.000 simultaneous users. This solution allows you to fully control your backend, without imposing the classical limitations of Black Box solutions.

2. An adaptable solution for different platforms

Many developers start building apps for a single platform. This is due to the fact that in many cases, you can’t be certain of the app’s success, and you don’t want to waste too much money from the start. However, if your app does prove to be successful, you will need to expand to more platforms, which can be quite complicated when you have designed your own backend. You will basically have to build the app from scratch for each individual platform. However, if you use a good Parse solution like Back4App, you will easily be able to adapt your app to any platform, from desktop to various mobile operating systems and even internet-connected appliances.

Featured Parse Server

To make the backend development process easier, open source Parse solutions provide you with a wide variety of integrated features such as push notifications, automatic e-mail, cloud codes, CLI, social integration, Cron jobs, real time database and much more. Basically, this type of baas solution integrates the most common features that modern apps need.

Technical support

Learning new things is a common practice for any good developer. Nobody is born knowing everything and the ability to research is one of the most valuable skills for a developer. However, in order to prevent you from wasting time on research, open source Parse providers will give you all the support you need to build your app. From documents to tutorials, samples and live technical support, you will have access to everything you need to better understand Parse.


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