The Most Charming Yet Underrated Places to Visit in Europe

When planning an European escapade, most people focus on the main European capitals. Although these capitals are definitely must see destinations, they are not all that this continent has to offer. There are numerous gorgeous  touristic locations which are highly underrated. If you already visited Paris once, we guarantee that the second visit will be a similar experience. Instead of visiting a famous city again, you could focus your attention on more secluded yet equally charming locations. Furthermore, even if you have not yet seen the European capitals, you could still be better off in a less popular touristic attraction. The touristic locations that we will present in this article will make for a great vacation. Furthermore, they are a lot cheaper than the major capitals and we guarantee that they are some of the best places to visit in Europe. As a man, if you are looking for great valentines gifts for her, booking a trip to one of the following places will definitely earn you some points with your partner.

Bruges, Belgium
This charming Belgian city will make you feel as if you are in a fairytale. The quaint architecture, makes the small colored houses look like gingerbread houses. This city is often called the Venice of the North and it lives up to this name. It has a truly special and well conserved architecture, entertainment diversity, a great respect for traditions, excellent food, mouth melting chocolate and best of all, exquisite beer. If what we just said won’t convince you to visit Bruges, a simple picture of this magical city, will do the trick. What you see in most pictures of Bruges is basically the style of the whole city: charming, romantic and diverse. Let us not forget that this wonderful city is also home to one of the best works of art of Michelangelo: Madonna and child.

Gent, Belgium
We now what to draw your attention to another Belgium destination, Gent. We put a lot of emphasis on Belgium because most people are unaware of the touristic potential of this country. Aside from Brussels, which is a must see European capital, Belgium has many other attractions. Gent is a small town with a strong medieval vibe. If you are visiting this town, you should not miss the Castle of the Counts, St Bavo’s Cathedral, The Belfry, Our Lady of St Peter’s Church, St Nicholas’ Church, St Michael’s Bridge or the Provincial Centre for Culture Caermersklooster. These are the main attractions but Gent has many more interesting places to visit. It is characterized by a versatile beauty which combines a venetian vine with a Gothic style as well as with a medieval style. It is a great destination for the Christmas holidays and the Christmas market is one of the best perks of such as trip.

Bologna, Italy
When it comes to visiting Italy, the most popular destinations are Rome, Milan, Venice and Verona. However, Italy has so much more to offer than these 4 cities. Bologna is one of the most underrated Italian cities. However, it is also one of the best places to visit in Europe. It has numerous castles, palazzos as the Italians call them, a powerful religious heritage and over 10 historical towers which feature a breathtaking panorama of the city. If you like cultural spaces, Bologna is rich in museums and galleries. Last but not least, it is surrounded by magnificent hills which are a great spot for an afternoon hike or relaxing picnic.

These are just a few of Europe’s hidden gems. They are all peaceful and romantic cities which is why we recommended them as great valentines gifts for her. If you find them enjoyable, we advise you to stay away from major touristic attractions in the future. They are crowded and quite overrated. Instead, focus your attention of less popular destinations. Northern Europe is particularly underrated, due to its fierce whether. However, the North has countless underrated yet charming places to visit in Europe such as Helsinki, Tallinn or Copenhagen.

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