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These days being original is what most matters. In a world where image is very important, is necessary to stand out in the crowd with a unique style that can allow people to see your personality. Therefore, a DIY fashion blog can be very valuable when it comes to creating looks that can flatter your appearance in a special way.

We are sure that you have seen many times people wearing amazing clothes that impressed you with their unique design. However, when you asked them where did they buy those products, their answer wasn’t the one that you expected, as they said that they used a DIY fashion blog to create those works of art. So, the moment to invest some time in creating the most outstanding outfits has arrived. You can get inspired from the following original ideas.

One of the easiest ways to reveal your creative side is to change the way your simple flats look by applying some sparkling decorations on them. All you have to do is opt for a simple black pair of flats, and buy some glue and a few gold sequins. You can start by using a pinch to grab the sequins in order to apply a drop of glue to the back of each one of them. Furthermore, apply the ornaments starting at the tip of your flats, and work your way out. You must allow them at least one hour to dry before you start wearing them. Don’t forget to match them with your red purse!

If you have an old t-shirt that doesn’t seem to suit your expectations anymore, transform it into a trendy item that can enhance your look in a great way. You will need a pair of scissors and some metallic beads to achieve your goal. The first thing that you need to do is cut the front of the t-shirt in vertical ribbons starting from the base and working your way to the neckline. You must stop when the neckline reaches 3 cm.

The ribbons should not measure more than 2 cm in length, so probably you will end up giving shape to 14 bands of material. The last thing that a DIY fashion blog would require in order to finish this stylish item would be to add one bead on each one of the straps. You can place it in a way that could describe a ā€œVā€ pattern, or you can create the design that you think that works best.

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