The Most Effective Magic Mouse Review

In order to enjoy a quality work while you are standing in front of your computer, you must make sure that you have all the tools you need to complete your daily tasks. Computer components are very important and so is the mouse that you use to achieve your activities. This Magic Mouse review can help you figure out if this item is what you need to work in better conditions.

The first thing that can impress anyone is the stylish and sophisticated design that this mouse features. It has a smooth surface and it integrates portions of aluminum which makes it easier to grip. Furthermore, these elements offer it the texture that it needs. However, the most outstanding thing is that this computer component doesn’t have any visible buttons, nor a scrollball. The Multi-Touch technology replaces the usual scrollball, as you can use the area above the company’s logo to swipe in any direction you like.

However, people who are used to using mouse with several buttons, may not appreciate the fact that the Magic Mouse integrates only two buttons that allow you to click right or left. Furthermore, when you press one of these buttons, the whole surface of the device presses down, but that doesn’t necessary means that you might select the wrong button. Unlike the Apple Mouse, which incorporates a pair of buttons that automatically launch Exposé, the product that we present does not have this function.

According to this Magic Mouse review, this product measures 4.50 inches long, 2.13 inches wide, and 0.93 height. Due to its small dimensions, you won’t be able to rest your palm on the lower part of the mouse, so you have to think if you would like to operate with such a low mouse. Its design also features a battery compartment, a power switch, laser optics which are placed next to the top of the mouse, and two plastic rails that allow the device to move.

This mouse provides easy scrolling, while the two finger swiping right or left are used for holding down the Control key on the keyboard, and access the zoom options. However, if you use a non-Mac operating system, you won’t be able to approach the Multi-Touch functions. An accurate Magic Mouse review shows that same thing happens if you run this type of system through certain virtualization applications, such as Boot Camp or VMware. Moreover, you will have the possibility to use the Magic Mouse only as a normal and basic mouse.

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