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The Most Famous Basketball Player of All Time

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has a vast history that dates back almost 68 years ago. Its history is full of decorated players and organizations. During all these years, the NBA and basketball fans witnessed a great share of come and go. We have managed to determine who of the NBA players stand out above the others. In order to decide upon the most famous basketball player of all time, we have used various criteria, such as team success, statistics and individual awards.

Magic Johnson is one of the most famous basketball players, but not the greatest basketball player of all time. He began his career success and he never failed to deliver anything else but wins. When he started center, taking the place of the injured Kareem Abdul-Jabbar during Game 6 of the NBA Finals played in 1980, he managed to win the Finals MVP as a beginner. He played in the Finals for the Los Angeles Lakers 9 times during his memorable career. Magic Johnson played for the Los Angeles Lakers as point guard and he accurately shredded defenses using his large frame. His career lasted 14 years, during which he managed to collect 10 All-NBA selections.

Bill Russell is another great basketball player, the greatest defender in basketball history. He played for the Boston Celtics, (during the years 956-1969) which he led to a record of 11 NBA Championships. Bill Russell did not stand out for his offensive statistics, but he did stand out for his impact numbers. HE was able to totally dominate the game defensively. He was received 5 times the Most Valuable Player award and 12 times All Starts award. The Celtics success was mostly owed to his man to man defense and shot blocking.

The most famous basketball player of all time is Michael Jordan. He managed to achieve everything that is possible in the game of basketball, having great statistics and receiving several awards. On the most important stage, meaning the NBA Finals, Michael Jordan score a perfect 6-6, also receiving Finals MVP awards.

Michael Jordan started playing for the Chicago Bulls in 1984. During his career he was able to amass a number of 11 All-NBA selections, 10 scoring titles and 9 All-Defensive First team selections. Michael Jordan’s status of the greatest basketball player of all time has several evidence such as, team and individual awards and statistics. In 1988, he won the Most Valuable Player award, NBA’s scoring title and the Defensive Player of the Year award.

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