The Most Important Hardware Secrets

There are many hardware secrets that can provide a great help for people who don’t know how to solve their computer issues. So, if you want to be prepared for facing all sorts of situations, you must be aware of the existence of this tricks that will help you finding the perfect answer for your problems.

In order to avoid some difficult moments, you can turn to this troubleshooting tricks that have the goal to annihilate any type of hardware problem. We provide you some concise information that you should consider before starting to repair your computer. Furthermore, we offer you some advice that will allow you to save time and money on paying another people for fixing your device.

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that you have a professional set of tools which will give you the possibility to repair the device by yourself. Therefore, your tool chest must contain the following items: a Torx screwdriver, a Flashlight, some Extra jumper blocks, Masking tape, and Compressed air that needs to be used to get rid of the dust particle from the computer case, and to cool down an overheated piece.

One of the most important hardware secrets is that a symptom does not always indicate a problem. Furthermore, you might not see the real cause that affects your device. For example, you can start your computer and see no video on the screen, which might make you think that you have a bad video card. However, the reason might be represented by a faulty processor, bad jumper settings on the motherboard, a bad board, or a memory error.

Moreover, a memory error doesn’t imply that your RAM is physically bad, because there might be many other underlying reasons, such as overheating or operating system file corruption that could simulate a memory problem.

If you are experiencing no-video startup issues, one of the hardware secrets that you can turn to refers to the use of a Power On Self Test card, which is a circuit board that you can insert into the motherboard. After making this step, you need to turn on the power and analyze the numeric code that it provides, because that way you will find out at what level the boot process is hanging. The last thing that you have to do is search that code in a book that comes with the POST card, and you can find the answer to your problem.

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