The Most Popular Religion

Christianity is the most popular religion in the world, as shown by estimates which indicate that there are currently approximately two billion people who are Christians. Approximately half of them are Catholics, and the other majority shares of Christian faiths also include Protestants and Anglicans. Most Christians think that Jesus is the Son of God and he is both fully human and fully divine, and represents the savior of humanity. They also believe that his coming was a prophesied in the Old Testament. Moreover, Christians speak of Jesus as Christ or the Messiah.

The second most popular religion in the world is Islam, having almost one billion adherents. A part of the Islamic people claim that there are actually more people who practice Muslim than there are who practice Christianity. But, it ultimately depends on how one perceives the word “practicing”. Some people may not perform the same activities and as often as people of another religion may perform them. For example, a person, who affirms that his / her religion is Christianity, may not go to church on a regular basis, which for a Muslim may seem as inappropriate and actually a failure in the practice of their religion.

Even if it is the second most popular religion, Islam is the fastest increasing religion in the United States. Approximately 80% of the mosques that are on the territory of the United States were built during the last 20 years. These mosques were primarily constructed for those Islamic converts born in the US and not for the Islamic immigrants. The upsurge in immigration of people who are Muslims certainly has increased the high number of Muslims in the United States. However, since the events that occurred on the 9/11, the immigration rate of Muslims has been reduced.

About one billion people state that they do not practice any religion frequently or that they are atheists; therefore, the third largest part of the population of the globe is considered non-religious. Atheists represent a small group of those one billion people and they also include agnostics. Many people are in just not sure regarding what faith suits them best, and they may also have some problems with religions that are organized, in general.

Hinduism is probably the third most popular religion practiced by almost 900 million people, while Confucianism (which is sometimes referred to as the Chinese traditional religion) and Buddhism are both practiced by almost 400 million people, separately. Around 300 million people practice Indigenous traditional religions and only 100 million people practice African traditional religions.

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