The Most Prominent Celebrity Scientologists

Scientology is represented by certain beliefs and related activities that imply the fact that people are immortal and they must discover their true nature. There are certain celebrity scientologists that have become famous thanks to their teaching and their practices.

There are people who want to exceed some limiting effects that they have encountered during their lifetime by turning to spiritual rehabilitation. The methods imply re-experiencing certain painful or traumatic events that don’t allow them move on with their lives.

Although it might not seem so, celebrities also have problems. A luxurious lifestyle is not enough to compensate certain traumas that they have suffered in the past. So, they turn to professional help in order to make peace with themselves and live as normal persons. The celebrity scientologists are famous for finding solutions and remedies that can be applied in order to have the best results regarding certain matters.

Scientology was characterized as a religion, and that is how the Church of Scientology was created in 1953. The man who incorporated the Church, L. Ron Hubbard, launched a mission named Project Celebrity which had the goal to attract stars all over the world for their influence, and not for their money.

What Hubbard wanted was to increase the expansion of Scientology through arts, so he targeted many famous people to join his religion. The first celebrity scientologists who were attracted by these teachings were the silent-screen star Gloria Swanson and the pianist Dave Brubeck. Nowadays, there are many prominent stars that have made public their commitment to these practices. Tom Cruise and John Travolta are just a few of the actors that have spoken about the implications that this religion has.

There are eight churches that are nominated as Celebrity Centres, and they are meant to provide a shelter for artists all over the world. The largest one is in Hollywood, California, and it is celebrated each year at the beginning of August.

Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes both joined the church while they were married to the face of Scientology, Tom Cruise. He convinced them to adopt the controversial religion during his marriages with them, but as we all know neither marriage lasted. So, the beliefs that the actor Tom Cruise has may have been the main reason of his separations. The actresses refused to comment on the rumors due to the fact that they have friends who still join this religion, and they want to respect their decisions.

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