The National Security Strategy Document

The executive branch of the government of the United States periodically prepares for the Congress a document that is named the National Security Strategy. This document contains the major security concerns of the United States, and a plan that the administration has conceived in order to deal with them. Its purpose is to provide guidance to other documents that it supports, and the National Military Strategy is one of them.

The content of the National Security Strategy document relies on elaborating counseling for armed services. The National Military Strategy uses this document as a source of guidance, and it is issued by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, which is the highest-ranking military officer in the United States Armed Forces. According to the U.S. law, he is the principal military adviser to the President of the United States and the Secretary of Defense.

The legal foundation for the National Security Strategy document is established in the Goldwater-Nichols Act, whose intent is accepted as valid only if the Executive and the Congress have a common understanding of the strategic plans.

According to the National Security Strategy of 2010, the United States needs to cooperate with interagencies and communicate with the Muslim people in Afghanistan and throughout the world in order to defeat the Taliban and al Qaeda. The objective of the United States actions is to develop a nonfluctuating situation in the world from this point of view. Moreover, countries that are struggling with revolts also need to be helped, because due to the conflicts they cause they can affect the integrity of other nations.

When the stability of a certain country is affected, its economical and political background also suffers from incertitude. That can have a negative impact on the relations that it has with other countries and it can create a chain reaction. Therefore, the implementation of any strategy that can help it recover from a difficult situation is essential because it can prevent many disasters from appearing. Peaceful methods can be found in order to establish a proper functionality of a state, but unfortunately it takes many efforts to achieve the best results without imposing force.

A proper coordination of all the elements that could make a country grow involves diplomatic meetings that can help the heads of states to find the best solutions in order to improve certain situations. Otherwise, tense situations can give birth to difficulties which can stop a country from evolving.

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