The New Samsung Galaxy S 5

The new Samsung Galaxy S5 represents one of the most wanted phones on the market because it is very powerful and it has some amazing features. The latest information suggests that this new device will surprise all its fans with a new design and a great appearance.

Many people used to criticize this brand for its plastic bodies and components, but those arguments might not be available anymore. Furthermore, the polycarbonate material that was used by the manufacturers to produce these handsets could be replaced by metal bodies such as magnesium and aluminum materials. That way the new Samsung Galaxy S5 could be brought in line with its competition.

The improved version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 could future a slightly increase in size and a better display resolution. Since the Samsung Galaxy S4 disappointed the large public because it wasn’t very different from its predecessor, the executive vice president of Samsung’s mobile business announced that this time they will surprise everyone with the new release. He said that the change will be about the display and the feel of the case.

As we all know, the new Samsung Galaxy S5 version already contains an eye-tracking option that allows the user to scroll the screen as he reads. So, the new model will improve that application by using iris scanning to extend it to user authentication. However, other sources informed that Samsung might turn to a fingerprint scanner because the first option might not function well if users try to unlock their devices while they are moving.

Anyway, no matter what the company’s choice will be, the result will be amazing, especially because it represents the most secure way to protect your phone from meddlers. The specialists believe that the latest model will also integrate a 64-bit ARM-based processor and 4GB of RAM. They also suggested that it will feature a 32GB storage capacity, and more advanced functions.

One of the priorities of this device is to incorporate healthcare features that could mean a lot for people who need these types of applications. So, let’s just hope that its new features will rise to the users’ expectations. After all, clients are the most important critics, so they are the ones that need to be satisfied.

Since every other model that the company has launched was presented to the public in spring, the handset could be released at the end of February or at the beginning of March.

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