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The perfect way to design your backyard

If you have a lot of spaces in your backyard but have no clue how to organize and fill them, keep reading this. It may seem like something really complicated to do, yet with a bit of imagination and some spare time you’d like to properly use, you will get the most out of an empty space immediately. Rather than making a mess inside when you call your friends over, why not taking them outside in a cosy environment when they can do whatever they please? It is safer and much more reasonable both for you and your friends to spend time under the open sky, where activities no longer have any limits. Cookouts and barbeques are something everyone craves for during summertime and not only so you can tell is really important to design it as beautifully and efficiently as possible.

Outdoor designing is something that should combine both aesthetics and efficiency. You don’t need a specialised person to take care of such a task. Instead, try unleashing your creativity and purchase items that you know you’ll use. Depending on how much available space you have and how much money would you like to spend, completing this little designing project shouldn’t be a burden. If you have absolutely no idea how a backyard should look like in order to be hospitable, then look for some ideas online and keep in mind these tips:

Take advantage of nature

The elements of nature are paramount when designing your backyard. Using them correctly for the harmony of your space will attract positivity and comfort. If you happen to live in a hot weather area, a pool might save the day of a hot summer. Inground pools Toronto offer a great variety of shapes and sizes you can choose from if you decide to build one in your yard. Everyone will get excited at the thought you own a pool. Also, lots of flowers around your garden will change the atmosphere instantly. Take into account the fact that flowers require special treatment in order to last over time, so be ready to take that responsibility when buying and placing them in your immediate surroundings.

Function is the key

Besides the fact that your backyard needs to look good, visually speaking, it has to be efficient to use. If you are thinking about organizing a barbeque and the people invited tend to smoke cigarettes or make a lot of mess around the house, trashcans everywhere and paper bags to store garbage will save you a lot of clean-up afterwards. Smart furniture which doesn’t deteriorate because of the weather is another thing to keep in mind when talking about function. Constantly having to move your furniture items inside fearing of it ruining will become annoying and you’ll eventually become too lazy or tired of switching their place. Look for outdoor-purposed furniture that can remain outside under heavy rain and not get disintegrated. Utility is ultimately needed for obtaining the wanted comfort.


Focal point will be the ones attracting all the attention and what else can you accentuate rather than pathways? When entering a backyard the first thing you’ll be doing is mentally scanning everything around you and look for a path to follow. If everything you see consists of greenery or dirt the impact will be dull. Pathways can change the first perception someone has when entering a backyard, meaning that pavers or stones are working like guidance for the visitor. Dividing you yard for separate uses creates both that visual effect you are striving for and that utility and organizational efficiency. 


Try deciding from the first moment how many people do you think your yard could host at a time. After making some measures, it’s time for planning the seating of your furniture. How many seats do you need? How big the table should be? What capacity your barbeque should have? If you own a tiny space for your backyard, there are solutions such as multi-seat sofas for garden which can save you a lot of trouble. You will want a backyard getaway meaning that you’ll want to get rid of that routine environment you are always seeing and take a little advantage of nature and open space.


Ever thought about bad weather? There are methods to shield you backyard space. A roof over the furniture where you are staying or a simple oversized umbrella should do it. You’ll have to take this detail into consideration because your guests cannot simply leave your house if the weather goes bad. Plus, staying outside when thunders strike can be quite peaceful and calming as long as you have a shield over your head. Consider your options regarding this fact.

Connecting to the indoors

If shielding is not possible and the only thing you can use is your terrace, try occupying that space and focusing the view towards your garden. Placing the furniture inside the terrace will actually be safer and it will still preserve that connection with nature and open space you’d like. Positioning everything in such manner that you’ll see the beauty of your garden will make your guests forget about the fact that they are standing right next to your house’s entrance. This way you are connecting the outside to the inside, creating a perfect homogenous living space. Everything will come in handy and you won’t have to worry about anything else anymore.

To sum it up, you need to consider many factors before deciding something. Your backyard surely needs attention and qualitative designing for the best results. If you are not able to do all this by yourself either ask for a helping hand, either contact a professional to discuss your options. No matter what you choose, your backyard will look stunning and the guests you’ll have will feel great in that ambiance. The benefits of a comfortable open space will reflect in your everyday life by simply boosting your mood and refilling your batteries.


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