The Podcast Revolution

  • What is Podcasting?

The term “podcasting” is a neologism derived from “broadcast” and “pod”, first mentioned in The Guardian by Ben Hammersley. A podcast is a type of digital media that consists of video, audio, ePub and PDF files that can be downloaded directly on a mobile device, portable media players or a computer. Podcast application for Apple devices are called Newsstand.

  • Podcast vs.Radio

Broadcast radio is outdated and controlled by companies that don’t offer a large variety of songs and shows. Podcasting combines audio features with portable media players and the web, causing many radio businesses to change their preconceptions about distribution, consumption, production and audiences. This disruptive technology allows users to create their own content and is free to listen, so consumers become producers and producers become consumers. Podcasting is an escape from old-fashioned controlled corporate radio, an unique service that is rapidly growing.

  • Creating a podcast

Anyone can create a free podcast on subjects like music, movies, politics and many other topics. Podcaters are passionate people that want to share ideas with the world. Producers are creating a raw, real content from their own living room, revealing aspects of their personal lives. Some podcasts introduce the latest bands and music trends, other are “talk show” style and many offer movie reviews. It takes only a few days to create a show and users can even hire a podcast advertising agency to publish and promote them. Reaching an online audience of thousands is easy because placing the material online takes only several minutes. Usually podcasts are free, but on a Web store subscribers can be charged. An original content can convince people to spend money so they can listen to their favorite show. Some producers even attract sponsors for their podcast or segments of it.

  • Vodcasts

A video podcast includes video clips and is sometimes called a vodcast. The spread of internet broadband connections made browsing the internet faster. Because of the large amount of communication material available, video podcast have become very popular. Specialized websites contain short clips of video, often part of longer recordings. The podcasts are streamed on public and private networks as well as on intranets and extranets. Web TV, a rapidly developing genre of digital entertainment also uses them. Video blogs, journalists and amateurs use vodcasts for advertising purposes.

  • Podcast novels

A podcast novel or a podcast audiobook combines the concepts of a podcast and an audiobook to create literary fiction. Episodes are recorded and distributed online for a certain period of time on blogs, web sites or via RSS. The complete work can be downloaded and listened on a portable media device or a computer.

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