The Samsung Wireless Keyboard

The Samsung wireless keyboard gives its owner the possibility to use a Samsung smart TV just like a computer. It offers convenience for Internet use, and it makes all your actions seem easier to complete. Therefore, it includes many advantages that might help you complete tasks like sending emails and browsing through Internet pages without making any big efforts.

One of the benefits that a Samsung wireless keyboard can offer you involves the fact that you can control your compatible Samsung smart TV easier than if you have used a remote. Furthermore, it can help you enable a wireless connection, because this device features a Bluetooth technology that will save you from the mess of having to deal with another cable. This is a great gadget to have around and it would make for a great gift for a man. In fact, since men are more fond of practicality than romance, this keyboard might even work as a Valentines gift for him. If that doesn’t sound romantic enough for your taste, you can find more Valentines gift ideas for him here.

Although most of the customers choose to buy this product for easier access to their TV, this special keyboard can also control compatible mobile phone or tablet, so it is a multifunctional product that anyone can rely on. Moreover, in order to deliver a high performance and an optimum precision, it features a touchpad and a group of hot keys for simple operations.

Since it can’t be connected to a power source, this peripheral comes with 2 AA batteries and a 1 year warranty. You don’t need to worry about not knowing how to use it, because if you decide to buy this device, you will also receive an owner’s manual that will provide you any information you need in order to learn how to deal with this element.

The design that it features is a very stylish one and it integrates a touchpad that allows the user to scroll and zoom while browsing the Web. The incorporated hot keys offer one-touch Smart Hub access and the ability to control multiple devices, while the 86-key layout with a multimedia key allows the owner to type in the most comfortable conditions. The Samsung wireless keyboard features the following dimensions: 1.5 inches height x 14.6 inches width x 6.7 inches depth. Therefore, it is very light and easy to handle, but the most important aspect is that it is small and simple to navigate the TV features.

The thing that customers appreciate the most is the fact that the remote for their Samsung smart TV is duplicated on the right side of the keyboard. So, they don’t even have to use their regular remote anymore because this device incorporates all the functions that a remote and a keyboard future.

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