The Science Based Medicine

The science based medicine focuses on promoting the idea of high standards using medical care in a scientific light. Efficient medical treatments and products are determined through science procedures, and the process that describes these procedures involves methods like evidence-based medicine.

Science represents the basis for all the medical progress that history has ever known. Although science based medicine is not perfect, it is a better option than turning to doctors intuition and experience to solve a health problem. Evidence based medicine was founded in the 16th century when Andreas Vesalius payed more attention to human anatomy instead of following the same techniques that ancient doctors used.

The science based medicine implies that people should take science more seriously when it comes to solving patients’ problems. There is a great knowledge about the way that the human body works, and it must be used in medicinal purposes. Many people don’t approve with the idea of spending their tax money on studies with low quality ideas. Furthermore, most of them think that evidence based medicine has allowed certain claims to be sponsored without having any grounds.

Science based medicine is a polished version of the evidence based medicine. Its methods represent the most innovative way to use evidence instead of traditions in order to make the best decisions when it comes to taking care of individuals. The researches made on population samples can help in creating mathematical approximations of the risks that exist in adopting certain measures to treat a patient. That way professionals can estimate the benefits and the harm involved in applying a certain healing technique.

The large clinic trials provide valuable information and data that can be applied to patients, and that is how they can offer national standards of patient care. However, in order to accomplish this ideal, a commitment is required from medical licensing departments, medical schools, local health, physicians and pharmacists. The research for evidence based therapy can consist in the review of the results from trials. So, specialists can study many diseases such as diabetic nephropathy, hypertension and final-stage renal illnesses.

However, in order to realize big accomplishments, people need money. The most important thing is that these investments might help to the developing of new cures and remedies. So, although there might be some issues regarding this matter, the evidence based medicine was created in order to help doctors providing better outcomes for their patients.

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