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The secret to getting a job in healthcare

If you are looking for a career that offers many benefits and that offers a high degree of security, then jobs in healthcare are what you should consider. Not only can you make a tremendous difference to people’s health and wellbeing, but you have the opportunity to reduce the origins of illness. It is no secret that the healthcare industry is increasingly rising in the United Kingdom, which means that there are many employment possibilities. Healthcare jobs UK include areas such as dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and many more, not to mention that you can work in the private sector or the NHS. If you are seriously interested in landing a job in this prosperous field, then take the following piece of advice.

Experience does matter  

Probably the most sought after professionals in the working industry are medical practitioners. In order to become one yourself, you will need more than a degree. What all employers expect from you regardless of the specialty chosen is to have hands-on experience. This is the reason why many students take advantage of the opportunity of working at hospitals and clinics while they are still studying. What these students do is provide assistance to nurses by performing basic tasks, such as measurements, administering medication or even handling advanced medical equipment. The vast majority of them actually find work in the place where they received training. In addition to this, they are targeted by universities that need assistants.

What if you have a degree, but no experience whatsoever?

The truth is that adding experience to your education will help you advance in your career. There are numerous ways in which you can acquire experience, one of them being volunteer projects or internships. Volunteering is by far the most effective way to improve your resume and you will be able to learn the ins and outs of the healthcare system and the profession. Besides the fact that volunteering is a good way to gain valuable experience, the hiring process is straightforward. Even though you are starting from the bottom, working closely with others will be useful for your future career because you can ask for recommendations. But more importantly, if you make a lasting impression, then you may be guaranteed a job.

Use an online medical job board

Once you have added experience to you resume, it is time to start looking for employment. A viable way to find a job at present is an online job board. Although many strongly believe that online job boards are not valuable, they actually are, especially niche ones. The market has significantly changed and almost all employers make use of job boards to target specific segments of people. The ones that are truly successful and that you should use get the users involved, have current jobs and, more importantly, allow job seekers to send their resumes.

The right way of preparing a resume

In the beginning, you should avoid using chronological resumes that put emphasis on work history. What you should do is create a functional CV that highlights your skills. For instance, if you are targeting a secretarial position, enlarge upon your office management skills. Equally important is to include your credentials, meaning those that show you are qualified for the job you want. Finally, order the sections of your resumes strategically and focus on relevant categories.

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