The Software Media Resource Function

The term “media” refers to various types of communication such as radio, television and newspaper. In computing, media is represented by the tools that are used to communicate. Therefore a software media that operates on the web is part of the media landscape. Online publications and videos are based on this concept.

Media player describes computer software, and it is a tool that people use to have access to the multimedia files which are separated into audio and video players.

The Media Resource Function is a powerful multimedia server that is used in the IMS architecture. The software Media Resource Function is a great program because it allows the service providers to deploy multimedia services across mobile or fixed networks with any type of access. Furthermore, the MRF is appreciated by everyone because it enhances communications with a more secure, social, personal and mobile touch. It supports new codecs for audio and video conferencing, transcoding, streaming and recording, and it includes advanced video conferencing properties.

The MRF represents a huge improvement of software media processing, as its dual-tone multi-frequency detection abilities enable the user-interactive scenarios and user interactions collection. Those who operate it can prevent service silos from appearing by sharing the cost-saving abilities of the MRF across certain services. These services incorporate next-generation IN applications like ECN, FRC and Surepay. They also integrate video services that are based on content and standard IP services like IMS Telephony Application server.

The Radisys Software MRF provides an IP media processing solution for cloud, IMS, OTT communication services that is based on scalable Linux. Here are some of its most important properties:
• It includes Carrier-class media processing features in a Software Product Offering.
• The cost of ownership is very small because the total costs are minimized.
• It integrates a virtualization support to improve the cloud deployments, and a media processing which are meant to sustain OTT communications.
• One of the most important properties is that it features Standards-based IMS MRF submission for VoLTE and RCS.
• It features sustainability for WebRTC services.
• It can deliver scalability by using COTS or ATCA platform options.
• The performance of the software media processes is a high one, even under a big load.
• The Radisys MPX product family helps the MPX-OS foundation to support codecs, capabilities, management, and to control interfaces.

So, Media Resources Function is a server that provides many benefits and advantages, especially for those who need reliable services in order to achieve the best performance.

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