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The ultimate pneumatic nail gun buying guide

When you are on the point of starting an important project, such as repairing the floors of your house, roofing, putting up a garage or something similar, there are various supplies and equipment you will need to use. However, one item that is indispensable, regardless of the complexity of the project, is a nail gun. If you are not sure what to buy, a few tips on the subject will probably help you out. Here is the ultimate pneumatic nail gun buying guide

For what type of project do you need the nail gun?

The first thing you should do is consider what you will be mainly using the nail gun for. What type of projects will you be handling? There are numerous nailing projects you can engage in, and there is a type of nail gun suitable for each one of them, so you are the one that needs to think about the breadth of your use. Are you crafting some hand-made furniture items? Are you trying to put up a garage? Do you do these kinds of projects for a living? Knowing your application before even looking for options is essential, so think about this aspect carefully.  

Cordless Vs. Pneumatic

The power of the nail gun is also something you need to look into. There are basically two types of options – guns that work with pneumatic power (air driven), and cordless ones, which are powered by gas. While cordless guns might be more suitable for projects that require mobility, the pneumatic air nail gun are more efficient for more complex projects, and are also the most frequently bought, due to their performance. To decide between the two sources of power, you need once again, to think about the type of project you will be handling.

Types of nail magazine

One of the first distinction between nail guns is stick and coil. These are the two basic nail magazine types, and both have their own particular purpose. The stick-style type  can hold long strips of nails in nail  increments (somewhere between 20 and 40), while the coil style holds the nails in flexible, long strips, which are wound up in a coil of between 160 and  320 nails. The coil type is a bit more expensive, but it is also known for offering more standardized nails.

Application type

Usually, you will be able to find out the application type of the nail gun by reading the user manual. Nowadays, the majority of nail guns produced target various types of projects, some are designed for staples or brads, others for framing or roofing, some for flooring. As long as you know what you will be using this item for, you can choose the application type easily, because the supplier or manufacturer will give you all the info you need regarding this aspect.  

Product warranty

Because you will probably be ordering the nail gun online, you should receive a product warranty for your purchase. You probably do not want to buy an item that does not work as well as it was advertised or is not exactly what you were looking for, and discover that you do not have the possibility of returning it. Before placing an order on an online shop or another, read the return policy carefully, and see if the items comes with a warranty as well. This can save you from a potential unpleasant situation in the future.  


Last but not least, take into consideration your budget and the price of the nail gun. The price range offered by the market varies, depending on the brand, application type and supplier. Try to avoid opting for the cheapest alternative you can find, because it will not deliver you the results you desire, and the entire project might be ruined from the simple fact that you have used an improper gun of poor quality. Try to think about how much money you can spend on this item, and see which are the best options for your price range. If you buy from the right supplier, you can benefit from some great offers, so search properly on the internet for options.

As you can see, there are certain relevant aspects you need to think through, when you are on the hunt for the best nail gun. The market offers you such an extensive variety of great options that it will not be difficult to find exactly the item you need for your projects, but to be 100 percent sure you are spending your money wisely, take into account the aspects mentioned above. Remember that it is extremely relevant to make your purchases from the right supplier, so research the store’s reliability before placing an order. Search on the internet for options, and make a choice based on the selection tips mentioned above – you will be glad you have documented yourself before making a purchase.  

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