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The United States Government Global Health Initiative

There are many poor countries in the world that don’t have an appropriate health system. That is why the United States seeks to remedy this global concern through the Government Global Health Initiative. The plan is to invest money into public health programs that are meant to improve the lives of those who are less fortunate.

After long debates regarding the priorities of the Global Health Initiative program, the Obama Administration has committed to focusing on improving and saving the lives of women and children because they are the ones that are most exposed to certain infections and diseases due to the harsh conditions of living that they have to face.

Delivering clean water and according nutrition and maternal help are the first measures that were taken in order to support a healthy lifestyle. The programs that have been developed in HIV/Aids, malaria and tuberculosis have saved millions of lives across the world. The immunization also brought a big contribution to improve health and life conditions.

Here are the major improvements that the United States Government Global Health Initiative plans to achieve:

  • The President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief represents a method to prevent 12 million of new infections and to provide support for 4 million people who need special treatment and assistance.
  • The objective of the President’s Malaria Initiative is to help 450 million people escape malaria. The efforts will be expanded in other countries such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria.
  • Reducing the number of those who have Tuberculosis by treating 2,6 million people who suffer by this illness. This measure will lead to the diminution of 50% of the deaths caused by this disease.
  • Taking care of women who don’t know how to watch after them after giving birth is also a priority of the program. The goal is to bring down the mortality rates by 30 percent in the countries that are included in the program.
  • Children under five years old are very fragile and exposed to infections. The lack of food and the bad conditions of life are the main causes of child mortality, so reducing the mortality rates by 35% is one of the main purposes of the program.
  • The President’s Feed the Future Initiative involves providing food for the countries assisted. This measure will help eliminating child undernutrition and it will offer a better life for those who are in need.
  • The Family Planning and Reproductive Health Initiative has the goal to educate women about unintended pregnancies and to reduce the number of women who have their first child before age 18.

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