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The World Health Day

The World Health Day was first celebrated in 1948 by the World Health Organization. This event has been seen as an opportunity to make people understand the importance of paying attention to a subject that should concern everyone, global health.

Every year 7 April is celebrated by everyone who is interested in maintaining their health. This special day is acknowledged by non-governmental institutions and by many governments which are concerned in public health.

Those who organize the World Health Day are preoccupied in highlighting the effects of different factors that can affect our health. Each year they talk about different aspects and they adopt different themes. Among the most important ones we can find the anti-microbial resistance which focused on the measures that needed to be taken in order to prevent the appearance and resistance of dangerous microorganisms.

People felt that they needed to pay more attention to this issue because of the prolonged illnesses and the higher risks of death that could interfere thanks to the resistance that certain microorganisms have to treatments. So, antimicrobial medicines were safeguarded for feature generations.

Another important aspect that was debated on one of the World Health Day events had to do with the blood pressure that most of the people don’t seem to pay too much attention to. The specialists compared hypertension with a silent killer that can cause a global health crisis. They said that premature disabilities and deaths could be avoided by raising awareness of the consequences of high blood pressure.

The main goal of the meeting was encouraging adults to take measures against high blood pressure by opting for a healthier lifestyle. Providing information for those who don’t know the risks of such an illness can be a lifesaving activity. After all, a good health not only helps you live longer but it also improves the quality of life of people.

Since the birth rates are lower than ever, and people tend to live longer, professionals have to invest more care into the aging process. They need to develop innovative ways to sustain a long-term assistance for those who need constantly support after reaching a certain age. However, medical treatments remain unaffordable for most of the people, so the program focused on a marathon that took place in more than one hundred cities in 2012. The event that marked the World Health Organization was Yogathon, and it can be translated as the “Art of Living”. Its goal was to make people understand that Yoga can stimulate a healthy lifestyle.

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