Things to Take Camping

Going camping requires not forgetting some items that will make our life in contact with nature more pleasant. We must remember that the tent or trailer is not all. Here is a list of things to take camping, which we consider important. If you’re planning on going camping, surely this list will help you a lot.

The basic things to take camping include the following: first aid kit, lamps and flashlights, batteries, folding tables and camping chairs, utility knife, strings, map, compass and GPS, campfire grill, radio.

The kitchen items include: gas stove, coolers, ice, pot, bowls, pan, plates, paper plates, paper cups, cutlery, can opener and bottle opener, lighter or matches, utensils to wash the dishes and trash bags. Do not forget about drinks and food, such as water, juice, wine, sandwiches and canned food or bring your camping recipes and make delicious camping meals.

Besides the items above, there are many other things to take camping, like for example sleeping items and personal items. The sleeping items include the following: tent (not to forget), hammer, sleeping bags, a blanket and extra blankets, pillow, mat. As for personal items, you should not forget: soap and shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, swimsuit and flip-flops, towels, comb, hair dryer and small mirror, toilet paper, medications.

Besides, you should take extra: waterproof and umbrella, hat, sunglasses and sun cream, insect repellents, fire extinguisher, sewing items, film, games, cards, mobile phone and charger, radio, fan on batteries, extra batteries. Also, do not forget about clothing items, these are also things to take campingand include: sleep clothes, t-shorts, jacket, shoes or boots and so on. Because the man is supposed to be the head of the family and therefore protect and provide for them in the outdoors, you could surprise him with a men’s fashion item and accessory that will come in handy when camping, such as a knife sharpener.

All these things, along with what you have to take depending on the activity you are going to perform: mountain, beach, or a particular sport, are necessary things to take camping. And remember: set up the tent on a leveled ground, otherwise if it starts raining water will enter the tent. The location where you set the tent must be free from rocks or other objects that may damage the floor of your tent or make you uncomfortable to rest during night. Do not use candles or other items that use flame into the tent because there is the risk of fire. Moreover, if you make a campfire, do not forget to extinguish it completely using plenty of water and stirring the coals until you are certain they are extinguished completely.

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