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Three reasons to choose a private rehabilitation center

In today’s world, more and more people are afflicted by the terrible disease of addiction, be that to drugs, alcohol or prescription medication. The road to recovery is a very difficult endeavor and it is filled with pitfalls and drawbacks, which is why it is very important to receive the best professional help available. While governmental programs are trying their best to accommodate as many individuals as possible, they are very limited in their efforts and more often than not, private treatment centers, such as the John Haines Vitafacility, are preferable. Immediate availability is not the only reason to choose private rehabs, although it is one of the most important. When struggling with addiction, acknowledging one’s disease and accepting help is probably the most difficult step and once this is accomplished, immediate admission is needed, so that the possibility of relapse would be diminished. To that extent, you have the best chances of finding an open spot at private facilities, such as the John Haines Vita Novus treatment center.

Another reason for which private rehabilitation facilities are the best way to go is the stellar accommodations that they provide to all clients. Some of them offer spa like accommodation, as does the John Haines Pickerel center in Canada, which is a very important factor in the recovery process. Resort like accommodations mean clients can relax, enjoy recreational activities, feel as comfortable as possible during their admission, which was proven to help the rehabilitation process, by making addicts more prone to receiving help and more receptive to treatment. They feel as if they were checking in at a spa, rather than feeling institutionalized, which has a beneficial effect on their attitude and responsiveness. Furthermore, these recreational activities, which include massage therapy, water sports, fitness, hiking and more, help patients not only relax, but also find a center of focus and be able to embrace a new perspective on life, which further helps the progress of their recovery. There are several facilities that offer this type of approach to recovery, a good example being the John Haines Vita Novus treatment center in Canada.

Last but not least, a third reason for choosing private rehabilitation centers in favor of governmental programs is the staff provided. Private facilities generally employ a large number of physicians, therapists, counselors and nurses, as well as additional recreational staff, while governmental programs and clinics are always short on staff. The great number of specialized physicians and therapists ensures that each and every client receives the one on one attention he or she deservers and personal monitoring of the case, which is of the essence in a successful recovery process. Therefore, if you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, the best course of action would be finding a reliable and professional private rehab center, such as the John Haines Pickerel Lake, and follow the recovery process provided by experienced and specialized physicians and counselors.

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